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Version 3.5

Brief Description
Why the Creation of Data Backups is Important
Different Approaches to Backups
Updating the Program
Uninstalling the Program
Technical Support
Useful Web Resources
Get Backup End User License Agreement
BeLight Software Privacy Statement

Get Backup Interface
The Main Window
The Preferences Dialog
Get Backup Menus
The Log

Creating Backups
The Backup Workspace
Creating Backups
The Backup Properties
Backup Storage
Backup Auxiliary Files

Creating Archived Backups
The Archived Backup Workspace
Backup Archive Types
Creating Archived Backups
The Backup Content List
The Archived Backup Properties
Burning Backups on CD, DVD or Blu-ray
Archive File Names
The Archived Backup Project File

Restoring Files from Backups
Using Get Backup to Restore Files
The Restore Dialog
Restoring Files Manually

Cloning Disks
Introduction to Disk Cloning
Partitioning and Formatting your Disk
The Disk Cloner Workspace
Cloning a Disk
Restoring a Disk
The Disk Cloning Settings
Explanations of Disk Cloner Messages

File Synchronization
Introduction to File Synchronization
The Synchronization Workspace
Synchronizing Files
The Synchronization Settings

Starting Tasks Automatically
Starting a Task by a Schedule
Starting a Task When a Disk is Mounted
Suspending Scheduled Tasks