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Creating Backups

The Backup Workspace

To open the backup tools, click the first button in the main window or press Cmd-1.

Main window

1 – List of backup projects. Along with the project name, there is the date and time of the most recent backup.

2 – List of files and folders included to the current project.

3 – Add or delete projects.

4 – Project properties.

5 – Open the Restore dialog to restore files from the backup.

6 – An option to exclude items from new backups without deleting them from the backup project. If you exclude a folder, all its content will be excluded too.

7 – Add a file or folder to the project.

8 – Add files to the project from a predesigned list. Each item in the list corresponds to user data such as contacts or a photo library.

9 – Remove a file or folder from the project. This button will actually delete top level items from the list, but it will exclude a subfolder or file inside a folder.

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