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Get Backup Interface

The Log

Get Backup displays information about its progress in the Log Window. Unlike the status line, which indicates only the current state, the Log Window lists a history of records related to the current and previous sessions. In case of an error, you can scroll back to see what has been done and which operation has failed. If the program is set up to run your tasks automatically, the Log Window gives you a convenient way to find out if the recent tasks were completed successfully.

To open the Log Window, click on the Show Log Window in the main window, or select Window > Show Log in the main menu.

The program also saves logs on your local drive. Log files are even more detailed than logs in the Log Window. Every time you open the program, it creates a new log file. The latter contains progress and diagnostic messages.

To access log files, click the Log History button in the Log Window.

In the The Preferences Dialog, you can choose a new folder to save logs, and limit the number of old logs to be stored.

The program stores logs in the ZIP format. If you wish to read a log, double-click on the file to extract a text file from it.

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