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Starting Tasks Automatically

Suspending Scheduled Tasks

You can suspend starting scheduled tasks when the regular time is not appropriate for some reason. For example, you can be in the process of editing some document, and want to get the document backed up when it is finished.

Suspending tasks for a specified period of time guarantees that the scheduler will be activated automatically. If you deactivate the scheduler manually, you risk forgetting to activate it again.

The Suspend Scheduler button in the bottom right corner of the main window indicates the scheduler mode. Normally, its icon shows a clock.

Activate the suspended mode

In the suspended mode, the icon shows an exclamation mark. The same applies to the menu bar icon.

Deactivate the suspended mode

To suspend all scheduled tasks, click the Suspend Scheduler button. Then select how long the scheduler should stay deactivated.

Alternatively, you can click on the menu bar icon of Get Backup, choose Suspend Scheduler… and specify for how long this state should last.

Menu bar icon

The program resumes the scheduler automatically unless you have selected the "unlimited time" option. In this case, you should stop the suspended mode manually.

To exit the suspended mode, click the Suspend Scheduler button.

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