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Cloning Disks

Cloning a Disk

The disk cloning tool will delete all files on the destination drive if you clone to this disk for the first time. Deleting files can take some time. To save your time, you can erase the destination volume using the Disk Utility application beforehand. There is no need to erase the destination disk when you clone to it the same source disk again because most of files can be reused.

  1. Select a volume you want to duplicate in the From drop-down list.
    The volume must be formatted as APFS or Mac OS Extended and contain OS X installed if you want your clone drive to be bootable.
  2. Select a volume where the duplicate will be saved in the To drop-down list.
    Make sure that there is enough space. Note that the existing content of the destination volume will be erased. If the formatting of the destination is other than APFS or Mac OS Extended, you have to change its formatting or choose another disk.
  3. Set up the disk cloning properties.
  4. Exclude files or folders if necessary. To do this, deselect check boxes next to the file or folder names. It is not recommended to exclude anything outside your Home folder.
  5. Click the Start button.

It is recommended that you quit all programs before cloning your drive.

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