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Creating Archived Backups

The Archived Backup Project File

When you create a backup archive, along with the archive itself, Get Backup creates a backup project file that contains information necessary to restore the archived files or create new archives. This additional file has the "bif" file name extension. The beginning of this file's fame coincides with the project's name.

The program saves the backup project file in user's Library folder. The path to the project file is specified on the Updating and Uninstalling the Program page.

When you choose Backup > Remove from List in the menu, the program deletes the corresponding "bif" file. To be able to work with your backup in the future, save the project file using Process > Save Project…, and only then remove your project from the list. To open your backup project again, choose Backup > Open… and select its "bif" file.

It is recommended that you save the project in the same folder where the corresponding backup archives are located. When you relocate archives, make copies of them, or burn them to discs, place the project file together with the archives.

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