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Uninstalling the Program

Before uninstalling the program, you should deactivate the schedule agent. To do this, launch the Get Backup application. Choose Get Backup Pro 3 > Preferences in the menu. Deselect the Use schedule agent checkbox, and click OK. Quit the program.

To uninstall Get Backup downloaded from the developer's site, delete the following files and folders:
/Applications/Get Backup Pro
~/Library/Application Support/GBP3Launcher
~/Library/Application Support/Get Backup 3

In order to delete the Mac App Store version, delete these files and folders:
/Applications/Get Backup

Folders marked with bold font contain auxiliary files with project settings and some other details. Do not delete these folders to be able to use Get Backup for restoring. Without having the project settings, it is still possible extract files from your backups manually.

If you run the site version of the program after using the App Store version, the site version will continue using folders already created by the App Store version in the container. Thus, a path in the list for the Mac App Store version can also contain files created by the site version, and consequently should be taken into account.

“~” means user’s Home folder.

To access any path listed above, copy it. In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder (Cmd-Shift-G). Then paste the path into the edit box, and click the Go button.

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