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Starting Tasks Automatically

Starting a Task When a Disk is Mounted

The destination disk of any of your projects can be an external disk such as an USB drive. You can tell the program to start a corresponding task automatically when its destination disk is mounted. In other words, when you connect a USB stick, which is set as the destination, your files will be automatically copied to it. You can activate this feature in the project Properties dialog by selecting the When destination is mounted check box.

Note that mounting other types of disks like local or network ones cannot start automatic tasks.

In order to have your task be performed automatically when the program is not open, you should activate the schedule agent in the Preferences dialog. As soon as you turn on the auto start of any project, the program will remind you to activate the schedule agent.

It is possible that you activate the When destination is mounted check box together with the schedule in the same project. In this case, starting a task by the schedule will be primary. As long as the task is performed by the schedule successfully, plugging in the destination disk between the scheduled times will not run the task. Only if a task was finished unsuccessfully at the last time, the program will run it again when you connect the destination disk.

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