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Restoring Files from Backups

Using Get Backup to Restore Files

To restore files from a backup, you should have the backup itself and all related auxiliary files (see Backup Auxiliary Files for regular backups or Backup Project File for archived backups). In the case of a multi-volume archive, all the parts must be present.

To restore files:

  1. In the main window, select a backup project you want to restore. Then click the Restore button. The Restore dialog will open.
  2. By default, the program selects the most recent backup in the pop-up menu. If you need an earlier version of some file, select the corresponding backup from the list using the creation date.
  3. Select files you want to restore. To select multiple files, use the Cmd or Shift keys. To restore all files, you don't have to select them.
  4. Choose whether to restore to the original or to a custom folder.
  5. Click the Restore All button to restore all files or click Restore Selected to restore only selected files.
    If the backup was encrypted, be ready to input the password.

Note that when you restore files to the original location, the program will replace files on your disk with files from the backup. If you want to keep both versions of your files, restore files to another folder.

If your backup project is not listed in the program, your actions in order to restore files from this backup will differ depending on the backup type. If you have a regular backup, choose the Process > Restore from… command from the main menu and select the folder containing your backup (the top level folder explained in the Backup Storage section). The program will open the Restore dialog. You can use this dialog as it was described earlier on this page.

To restore from an archived backup, you should open it in the program using the Process > Open… command. The further steps will be the same as described above.

You are limited to restore from the storage that is currently specified as the backup destination in the project Properties dialog. If you changed the path to the destination, only the current path will be searched for the backup. If some versions of the backup were deleted or moved to another location, their content will not be available in the Restore dialog.

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