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Working with Layers

Introduction to Layers and Objects

Any design on the canvas consists of objects such as images, icons, text and so on. Every object is located on its own layer since the program allows only one object per layer. So the object and layer terms are mostly equivalent in this documentation. Adding or removing an object automatically means adding or removing a layer.

We will say "object" when it is going about applying effects. The "layer" term will be used to describe how objects interact with each other.

There is a list of layers in the Content panel where you can select layers, change their order and perform some other actions.

Graphic and textual objects in Art Text can be one of two types: 2D and 3D. They have different sets of properties, and consequently, there are tools which work with only one of these types. In the object's context menu, you can choose to convert from one type to another. This will enable the tools and settings of the new type, but the object will lose the effects that you have already applied.

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