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2D Tools and Effects


This section describes tools and effects compatible with 2D type objects.

Originally, a 2D object can be a vector or raster image, or text which is vector by its nature. Effects can also be divided into vector (e.g. Transformation) and raster ones (e.g. Gradient or 3D Effect). If you activate a vector effect such as Transformation for a raster image, the program will apply the effect to the rectangular bound of the image. In the case of a vector content, vector effects work with the shape of letters, icons etc.

By default, all library objects (except for 3D object templates) and images you import are being added to your project as 2D objects. You can convert a 2D object to the 3D type by right-clicking on it on the canvas and choosing the Convert to 3D command. You can convert from the 3D to 2D type in the same way. Changing the object type deactivates all the 2D or 3D effects that you have applied to the object.

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