BeLight Software Resources

We have picked up for you a selection of useful articles that will help you use our software more effectively.

Graphics and FontsGraphics and Fonts

Free Graphic Collections
Collections of alphabet and symbol graphics, and more.

Free Publishing Templates
Free collection of Apple Pages and Swift Publisher templates for Mac.

Images and Illustrations
Learn about different kinds of images, the ways to use them in your work and where to get them.

Express Yourself with Fonts
Discover how different fonts can influence your documents and where you can find them.

Designer site that offers various icon collections.

Business Card PediaBusiness Card Pedia

Business Card History

How to Choose Business Card Paper
Learn about various business card paper types and manufacturers.

Tips for Printing Business Cards
What to consider when printing cards yourself or in a print shop.

Preparing Your Business Card for a Print Shop
Tips about achieving better results when printing addresses on envelopes and labels with Labels & Addresses.

Labels SectionLabels Section

Label Paper
Learn about different labels, their applications and manufacturers.

Label Printers
Find out more about label printers and the ones that are supported by Labels & Addresses.

Printing SolutionsPrinting Solutions

Choosing a Printer
Advantages and disadvantages of various printer kinds.

Preparing Your Document for a Print Shop

Paper Sizes and Formats Explained: The Difference Between A4 and Letter

CDs and DVDsCDs and DVDs

The Ways of Disc Labeling
Making one disc stand out from the others.

Post OfficePost Office

Envelope Styles and Sizes
Read about different envelope types, the correct formatting and address positioning on an envelope.

Postal Resources in the Internet
Online resources for postage rates, address verification and many more.

Printing Envelopes and Labels
Tips about achieving better results when printing addresses on envelopes and labels with Labels & Addresses.

Data Backup

Get Backup vs. Time Machine
Find out whether you need more than Time Machine.

Data Backup and Storage
An in depth article explaining why and how to backup data.

Restoring a Get Backup Archive Manually
This article will tell you how you can restore an archive without using Get Backup program.

How to Restore a Get Backup Archive on a Windows Machine
This article can help you restore your files on a Windows machine.

How to Backup Mac
Learn the two most useful and complementary ways to backup your Mac.