About BeLight Software

Over a decade ago, four young friends, two developers and two marketers, decided that they want to make Mac users’ lives easier with intuitive apps. Today, we are a team of 30 people turning daunting tasks into feasible ones for everyone with any skill level in various fields. We cover home design, graphic design, desktop publishing and productivity.

Some of our world-known Mac apps are Amadine, Swift Publisher, Art Text and Get Backup Pro.

The most popular app of ours, Live Home 3D, has become cross-platform and is currently available for macOS, Windows, iOS and iPadOS platforms.

We’re not going to stop, so stay tuned!

Our Team

Stanislav Sedashov, CEO
Stanislav Sedashov
Irene Stepanovska, VP of Marketing
Irene Stepanovska
VP of Marketing
Andrew Cherfas, VP of Sales
Andrew Cherfas
VP of Sales
Pavel Skurtul, Product Manager
Pavel Skurtul
Product Manager
Dmytro Yunchyk, Project Manager
Dmytro Yunchyk
Project Manager
Nikolay Shubin, Technical Writing
Nikolay Shubin
Technical Writing
Viktoriia Partserniak, Web Developer
Viktoriia Partserniak
Web Developer
Sergey Bailo, Software Developer
Sergey Bailo
Software Developer
Vladislav Vasilyev, Software Developer
Vladislav Vasilyev
Software Developer
Valeriy Ryazanov, Product Manager
Valeriy Ryazanov
Product Manager
Eugene Golushkov, Technical Lead
Eugene Golushkov
Technical Lead
Yuriy Kalenskiy, Software Developer
Yuriy Kalenskiy
Software Developer
Evgeny Ovcharenko, Software Developer
Evgeny Ovcharenko
Software Developer
Dmitry Vahrushev, Software Developer
Dmitry Vahrushev
Software Developer
Olena Nersesova, Marketing Associate
Olena Nersesova
Marketing Associate
Alona Semenchenko, Accounting Manager
Alona Semenchenko
Accounting Manager
Viacheslav Riazanov, Motion Graphics Designer
Viacheslav Riazanov
Motion Graphics Designer
Yevgen Buzuk, Designer
Yevgen Buzuk
Alexey Bailo, Project Manager
Alexey Bailo
Project Manager
Igor Lizunov, Technical Support Engineer
Igor Lizunov
Technical Support Engineer
Max Lazor, Designer
Max Lazor
Ian Sedashov, 3D Designer
Ian Sedashov
3D Designer
Julia Shtelmukhova, Product Marketing Manager
Julia Shtelmukhova
Product Marketing Manager
Kateryna Pasku, 3D Designer
Kateryna Pasku
3D Designer
Alexandra Beletskaya, 3D Designer
Alexandra Beletskaya
3D Designer
Vladyslav Yunchyk, Video Production Specialist
Vladyslav Yunchyk
Video Production Specialist
Anatoliy Pyatnichenko, PR & Marketing Specialist
Anatoliy Pyatnichenko
PR & Marketing Specialist
Mary Deineha, Product Marketing Manager
Mary Deineha
Product Marketing Manager
Yuri Khlustov, QA Specialist
Yuri Khlustov
QA Specialist
Vladyslav Bloshenko, Software Developer
Vladyslav Bloshenko
Software Developer
Olha Voronova, Designer
Olha Voronova
Alexandra Suprun, Sales Support & Marketing Specialist
Alexandra Suprun
Sales Support & Marketing Specialist
Oleksii Kopach, Software Developer
Oleksii Kopach
Software Developer