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Program Interface

The Main Window

Main window

1 – Libraries of icons, backgrounds and templates.

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2 – List of layers. Here you can access all of the objects in your document by their names or thumbnails.

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3 – Canvas. This is the area where you preview and work with the design.

4 – Inspector. Depending on the selected object type, the Inspector shows either 2D or 3D tools and effects.

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The 2D Inspector
The 3D Inspector

5 – Tools are grouped into sections. Only one section can be open at a time. To display hidden tools, click on the title of the corresponding section. The title bar of some sections has a switch to activate or deactivate the effect, or a drop-down menu with presets.

6 – Add a new 2D or 3D object, or a background.

7 – The Document Size button opens settings such as the size and measurement units.

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8 – The zoom tool.

9 – Export to the Clipboard or file.

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