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Images on the Floor Plan

An image can be added to your floor plan. This image may contain your logo, the floor plan or other information.

Adding an image with a floor plan is useful because you can see where walls, furniture and other are located. For this purpose, a floor plan created in other program should be saved in a graphic format such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

To add an image, choose the Insert > Image menu command. Or drag and drop an image from Finder to the 2D view.

The image properties are located in the Object Properties tab of the Inspector.

The image size in the Inspector is displayed in the measurement units selected for the project.

The Project Tree lets you control the Visibility and Lock options.


Images in 3D

To display an image in the 3D view, you should apply it to an object as a material (texture).

There are several ways:


Creation of a Wall Picture

  1. Right-click on an image in Finder to open the Info pane. Find out the aspect ratio of the image sides.

    We have:
    765 / 473 = 1.62

  2. Add a wall panel from the library to your project.

  3. Resize the panel using the Object Properties tab of the Inspector. Let's say that we need to have the height 1.5 m. The width will be calculated using the aspect ratio of the image:
    1.5 * 1.62 = 2.43 m

  4. Drag the image from Finder and drop onto the panel. Alternatively, you can choose a material in the Materials tab of the Inspector.

  5. The image is tiled. Correct this using the Texture Transform tool in the Materials tab of the Inspector. Make sure that the Preserve Texture Aspect Ratio is on (the chain icon indicates this). Input up one of the image dimensions, for instance the width.


The same way you can apply a texture to other objects. But remember that the Texture Transform tool works only with walls, wall panels, ceilings, floors.