Image Tricks

Version Changes

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.9.6

  • Improved program stability.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.9.5

  • Image Tricks now runs natively on Apple Silicon M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.
  • Improved dark theme appearance.
  • Fixed the problem with images drag and drop from Apple Photos.
  • Introduced support for HEIC format (photos made on an iPhone).
  • Improved macOS 12 Monterey compatibility.
  • Added new image filters that become available in the latest macOS: Bokeh Blur in Focus category; Color Threshold, Dither, Document Enhancer, Gabor Gradients, Morphology, Morphology, Gradient, Morphology Rectangle in Style category; Color Absolute Difference, Mix in Overlap category.
  • Moved some filters into new categories: CMYK Halftone, Comic Effect, Vignette, Vignette Effect into Style; Flash into Lumine; Composite Filters into Overlap.
  • Other bug fixes and usability improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.9

  • Introduced "Use Background Color" in the Options dialog of Save/Export. Useful when a user doesn't want to preserve transparency, but use the background color instead.
  • Added the ability to share an edited image to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
  • New background images added.
  • Improved program UI.
  • Filter effects were revised and fixed where necessary.
  • Filter parameters (Width, Radius, etc.) adopt to image size automatically when the picture is changed.
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect transparency for some borders, frames and masks.
  • Photo Effects: Chrome, Fade, Instant, Mono, Noir, Process, Tonal, Transfer were grouped together.
  • Similar filters were grouped as following:
    • Kaleidoscope Tiles (Eightfold Reflected, Sixfold Reflected, Sixfold Rotated, Triangle Tile, Twelvefold Reflected);
    • Rectangular Tiles (Glide Reflected, Fourfold Rotated);
    • Acute Angle Tiles (Fourfold Reflected, Fourfold Translated).
  • Fixed the problem with mouse/trackpad usage on Triangle Kaleidoscope filter.
  • Removed filters: BL Sobel, BL Rectangular Splash, Accordion Ford Transition.
  • Multiple other improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.8.2

  • New OS X 10.11 filters were added:
    Light Tunnel Distortion, Perspective Transform with Extent, Smooth Linear Gradient, Triangle Kaleidoscope.
  • Fixed specific OS X 10.11 issues in filters and quartz compositions.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.8.1

  • New filters and quartz compositions were added for OS X 10.10 Yosemite:
    Accordion Ford Transition, Linear to sRGB Tone Curve, Masked Variable Blur, Perspective Correction, sRGB Tone Curve to Linear, Black and White, Comic Book.
  • Filters from "Others" category were improved and moved to different categories:
    Blend with Alpha Mask, Color Clamp, Color Cross Polynomial, Color Polynomial, Photo Effect, Vignette, Vignette Effect.
  • Improved german, french and spanish localizations.
  • Fixed "File > New from Clipboard" menu option.
  • The program can now automatically check for and download available updates using the Sparkle auto-updater technology.
  • Fixed interface glitches on OS X 10.10.
  • Improved program stability and performance.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.8

  • Improved program performance.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.7

  • Improved program performance and stability.
  • 64-bit mode is now fully supported.
  • Improved selection in the Background Image drop down menu for Composite filters.
  • Fixed the problem that replaced user images with saved images from the generators.
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What's new in Image Tricks v.3.6

  • Added Paintable Frames category with 76 new frames (12 in Lite version) that can be easily colored.
  • Added support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Added 2 new Polaroid frames to Pro version.
  • Added support for Zoom and Rotate Trackpad gestures.
  • Export menu now allows for size adjustment.
  • Filter and Quartz categories now can be collapsed by clicking on name of category.
  • Fixed the problem with spontaneous collapsing of filter categories.
  • Sandboxing support implemented in App Store version.
  • Various bug fixes.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.5<

  • Introduced 114 photo frames (12 in Lite version) with the ability to move and zoom pictures inside. You can also apply shadows to, rotate, and flip frames.
  • Apply one of 65 vector boarders (12 in Lite version) to pictures and control the border color, distance from the edges, and the orientation.
  • 40 masks added to Pro version.
  • Border Masks category with 149 masks (12 in Lite version) added.
  • Updated program interface.
  • Added French and Spanish localizations.
  • Added 8 new image filters for OS 10.7 users: Straighten, Stretch Crop (in Transform); Vibrance, Highlight and Shadow, Tone Curve (in Color); Depth of Field (in Focus); Droste (in Tile); Page Curl With Shadow (in Overlap). Note, Depth of Field, Droste and Page Curl With Shadow are available in the Pro version only.
  • Added an option to the View menu (CMD + 0) that lets you view an image in its actual size.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.0.4

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.0.3

  • Solved the problem that caused the program to crash when using filters whose parameters are controlled by numeric values only.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party filters.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3.0.1

  • Fixed cursor representation for image crop.
  • Solved the problem with image crop in German localization.
  • Resolved the problem with new images not opening in the correct size when the View > Fit to Window Size menu item is selected.
  • Addressed an issue with loading custom images in Composite Filters.
  • Fixed the problem with center input adjustment by changing fields value in filter parameters;
  • Improved behavior of quality settings for JPEG export.

What's new in Image Tricks v.3

  • Added support for Quartz Compositions, including custom ones created in programs such as Quartz Composer. By default the program contains 35 system compositions (40 in Pro version).
  • Added 21 system Core Image filters (29 in Pro version):
    — Affine Transform, Lanczos Scale, Perspective Transform (Pro version);
    — Color Map (Pro version), Color Matrix, Mask To Alpha, Sepia Tone, Spot Color (Pro version);
    — Median;
    — Affine Clamp, Displacement Distortion, Glass Lozenge;
    — Height Field From Mask;
    — Maximum Component, Minimum Component;
    — Affine Tile, Perspective Tile (Pro version);
    — Constant Color, Linear Gradient (Pro version), Radial Gradient, Spot Light (Pro version);
    — Blend With Mask, Copy Machine, Desintegrate With Mask, Dissolve, Flash, Ripple (Pro version), Swipe;
    — 23 Composite Filters (Pro version).
  • Altered and added parameters for Core Image filters:
    — CMYK Halftone, Reflected Textures, Lenticular Halo, Starshine Generator, Sunbeams, Bars Swipe Transition (Pro version), Mod Transition, and Page Curl (Pro version).
  • Introduced support for third party Core Image filters (effects).
  • Improved the interface. Now users can resize the parameters panel as well as collapse and expand filter categories.
  • Added draggable handles for filters that have controllable points.
  • Changed the default parameters of Color Controls, Exposure Adjust, Gamma Adjust, and Hue Adjust to reflect the original image.
  • Extended Crop parameters.
  • Added a compression option for TIFF format at export.
  • Changed the order in which masks are applied to images with filters. This has made it easier to apply both filters and a mask to a single image.
  • Many other improvements and fixes.
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What's new in Image Tricks v.2.4.2

  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.4.1

  • Added support for Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.4

17 new filters

  • 4 filters for both Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5:
  • 13 Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) only filters:
    • Comic Effect (Color category);
    • Box Blur, Disc Blur (Focus category, in Blur group);
    • Bump Distortion Linear (Distortion category);
    • Line Overlay (Style category);
    • Fourfold Rotated, Fourfold Translated, Glide Reflected (Tile category, Tiled Textures group);
    • Eightfold Reflected, Fourfold Reflected, Sixfold Reflected, Sixfold Rotated (Tile category, Reflected Textures group);
    • Bars Swipe Transition (Overlap category, Pro version).


  • Export and Save changes, option to use OpenGL acceleration affects image preview only, final result is created with a higher quality rendering.
  • Applying filters to your photos will not affect EXIF data. EXIF data is kept after applying effects to photos.
  • Kaleidoscope filter improved (Tile category).
  • Option to adjust second color added for Gaussian Blur (Focus category); Stripes, Checkerboard Generator (Overlap category) filters.
  • Improved compatibility with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5).


  • Problem with losing mouse cursor and zoom parameters when applying masks solved.
  • Parameters behaviour on Leopard system fixed for Rectangular Splash (Distortion category), Shaded Materials (Style category), Net Distortion (Distortion category).
  • Random Generator filter (Style category) fixed.
  • Problem with showing black instead of transparent background in plug-in solved.
  • Background transparency when saving to TIFF format is fixed (plug-in).
  • Save dialog on Leopard system (Mac OS X 10.5) fixed.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.3.7

  • Sobel filter added (Pro version).
  • Localization improved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.3.3

  • Lumine filters were optimized.
  • Mask Panel width is saved in the program.
  • iPhoto 6 integration improved.
  • Support for non-RGB color profiles corrected.
  • Menu "Filters" behavior fixed when several windows opened.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.3

Image Filters

  • 4 new image filters were added:
  • Option to see the image without filter effect is available (menu Filters->Hide/Show Filter Effect).
  • Additional parameter becomes available for Lumine filter.
  • Flip image Vertically/Horizontally options were added (Edit menu).


  • To simplify program operation, Keyboard shortcuts were assigned to various menu options.
  • Filter list was added into menu.
  • Preferences dialog:
    • Now you can choose direction to rotate the image;
    • Safe Editing mode was added to protect from rewriting an image by accident;
    • OpenGL Rendering Acceleration switched on by default.


  • Apply Filter option was added into Plug-in.
  • Image generator Star Dust has improved.
  • Application launch become faster.
  • Problem with LinkBack integration is solved.
  • Other bug fixes.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.2

Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8:

Image Filters

  • 8 new image filters were added: Transparent, Color Transparent (Pro version), Torus Lens, Page Curl (Pro version), Mod Transition, Stripes, CMYK HalfTone, Gaussian Gradient.
  • OpenGL acceleration is supported for faster rendering (can be set in Preferences dialog).
  • Option to adjust color transparency added into filter color settings.

Image Generators

  • The program gets 2 new image generators: Triangle, Rags (Pro version).
  • Extra settings were added for Hilbert Curve, Color Bars and Divide Line generators.


  • User interface altered to increase workspace of the program.
  • New Zoom options (Fit to Page) added.
  • Preferences Dialog was added with background color and Mouse Wheel options.


  • Integration with other BeLight Software products improved. Now Plug-in works as image generator directly in the programs.
  • Option to change image size was added into Plug-in.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.1

  • Star Dust generator was added into Pro version.
  • Generator types for Plasma, Sand Glass, Circle Interference extended.
  • Color controls behavior fixed.
  • Disabled filter and generator parameters now hidden.
  • Quality of copied to clipboard images improved.
  • Better integration with other BeLight products.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

What's new in Image Tricks v.2.0

  • Now the program consists of 2 sections: Filters and Generators. In Filters section Core Image effects are gathered. In Generators section you can randomly and manually generate images with mathematical algorithms. Generated images can be used as a unique background and illustration.
  • Image generators added:
    Gathering, Biology, Circle Interference, Color Bars, Shapes, Spinning Squares, Flying Lines, Radial Distortion, Sand Glass, Bricks, Hilbert Curve.
  • The program was divided into Free and Pro versions. In Pro version additional 6 generators become available:
    Brushes, Atoms, Spinning Polygons, Plasma, Divide Lines, Spiral.
  • In "Set Size" dialog option "Fit to size" was added, which is convenient for making thumbnails.
  • PDF format was added to export functionality. Especially important for generators that create vector images (Gathering, Color Bars, Shapes, etc.)
  • Other minor improvements.

What's new in Image Tricks v.1.2

  • The new Universal Binary version allows to run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers.

What's new in Image Tricks v.1.1

  • LinkBack technology is supported, which enables you to open and edit images modified in Image Tricks in other LinkBack-enabled applications.
  • An option to apply one of 30 unique masks to an image was added.
  • New CoreImage filter effects can be applied to images: Glass Distortion, Checker Board, Random Generator, Lenticular Halo, Starshine Generator, Sunbeams.
  • Now you can rotate an image 90 degrees.
  • Integration with other BeLight Software programs is improved (drag and drop images from other program's clipart panel into Image Tricks).
  • Switching between Crop and CoreImage filters fixed.
  • Undo operation works properly.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
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