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Image Tricks Interface

Image Tricks Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Graphic Files

Cmd-N Open a new window.
Cmd-Shift-N Open an image from the Clipboard a new window.
Cmd-O Open a graphic file.
Cmd-Shift-O Open a graphic file in a new window.
Cmd-W Close the active window.
Cmd-S Save the image.
Cmd-Shift-S Save the image to a new file.
Cmd-Q Quit Image Tricks.

Modifying and Generating Images

Cmd-Z Undo the last operation.
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo the last operation.
Cmd-C Copy the image into the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste the image from the Clipboard into the open window.
Cmd-R Rotate the image left.
Cmd-Opt-R Rotate the image right.
Cmd-Shift-U Flip the image vertically.
Cmd-Shift-H Flip the image horizontally.
Cmd-Shift-R Generate an image with new parameters.
Cmd-F Open the generated image in the filters window.
Cmd-E Show the image with/without applied effect.

Setting up the Working Environment

Cmd-0 Display the image at 100%.
Cmd-"=" Zoom In.
Cmd-"-" Zoom Out.
Cmd-"," Bring up the application's Preferences dialog.
Cmd-D Open or close the masks panel.

Choosing Graphic Tools

Cmd-1 Open the Filters tab.
Cmd-2 Open the Quartz Compositions tab.
Cmd-3 Open the Generators tab.


Cmd-I Show image information.
Cmd-Y Change image size.
Cmd-? Open the Online Help system supplied with the software.

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