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Image Tricks Interface

Setting up the Preview Area

Previewing Images on a Colored Background

The program lets you change the background color of the preview area using the program Preferences. An image you work on may be added later to a web page or document in another program that has a colored background. So, it can be useful to edit the image while it is displayed on the background with a proper color. When you save or export the image, there is an option to save the background color along with the image. This makes sense if the latter has transparent parts created by applying a mask or some effect.

Image Orientation

To rotate an image in the preview, click the Rotate toolbar button. The direction of the rotation can be changed in the program Preferences.

The Rotate Left (Cmd-R) and Rotate Right (Opt-Cmd-R) commands can be found in the Edit menu.

The Edit menu has also Horizontal Flip (Shift-Cmd-H) and Vertical Flip (Shift-Cmd-V) commands.

Image orientation affects on how the selected filter is applied.

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