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Image Tricks Interface

Program Settings

Background Color – Choose the color of the program's preview area. Use this option if you want to see your image on the background of some color. This may be helpful for working with a semi- or partly transparent image. The option does not affect your image directly. When you save or export the image, there is an option to save the background color along with the image. In this case, the transparent parts will be filled with the selected color.

Zoom Using Mouse Wheel – Select this check box to use the mouse wheel to zoom the picture in or out. Deselect to use the mouse wheel for scrolling the preview.

Rotate Image Clockwise – Select this check box to rotate an image to the right using the Rotate toolbar button. Deselect, for the rotation to the left.

Request Saving Confirmation – Select this check box to protect your graphic file from accidental rewriting.

OpenGL Acceleration – The acceleration provides faster image preview rendering while you are adjusting the effect's parameters. If the OpenGL acceleration is not supported on your computer, disable this option. The option does not affect image saving.

Automatically check for updates – Select how frequently the program should check for updates. To check for updates manually, choose Image Tricks > Check for Updates… from the menu.

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