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Image Tricks Interface

Image Tricks Menus

The "Image Tricks" Menu

About Image Tricks
Display the dialog with information about the program.
Check for Updates… Check for the latest updates on the Internet.
Preferences (Cmd-,) Bring up the program preferences dialog.
PRO Registration... Bring up the registration dialog for the PRO version.
Quit Image Tricks (Cmd-Q) Exit the application.

The "File" Menu

New (Cmd-N) Open a new window.
New From Clipboard... (Cmd-Shift-N) Open an image from the Clipboard in a new window.
Open... (Cmd-O) Open a graphic file.
Open Recent > Open the list of the documents you recently worked with.
Revert To Saved Cancel all the changes made after the last saving of the current image.
Close (Cmd-W) Close the active document window.
Save... (Cmd-S) Save the image.
Save As... (Cmd-Shift-S) Save the current document with a new name.
Export... Save the open document as a new graphic file.

The "Edit" Menu

Undo (Cmd-Z) Reverse the last operation you performed.
Redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) Reverse the last Undo operation.
Copy (Cmd-C) Copy the image into the Clipboard.
Paste (Cmd-V) Paste the image from the Clipboard into the open window.
Rotate Left (Cmd-R)
Rotate Right (Cmd-Opt-R)
Rotate the image.
Flip Vertically (Cmd-Shift-U)
Flip Horizontally (Cmd-Shift-H)
Flip the image.
Frame > Rotate Left
Frame > Rotate Right
Rotate the frame 90 degrees left or right.
Frame > Flip Vertically
Frame > Flip Horizontally
Flip the frame vertically or horizontally.
Render (Cmd-Shift-R) Generate an image with new parameters.
Modify with Filters (Cmd-F) Open the generated image in the filters window.

The "View" Menu

Actual Size (Cmd-0) Display the image at 100%.
Fit to Window Size Fit the image into the preview area.
Zoom In (Cmd-=) Zoom in the current view.
Zoom Out (Cmd-"-") Zoom out the current view.
Show/Hide Filter Effect (Cmd-E) Show the image with or without applied effect.
Show Filters (Cmd-1) Open the Filters tab.
Show Quartz Compositions (Cmd-2) Open the Quartz Compositions tab.
Show Generators (Cmd-3) Open the Generators tab.
Show/Hide Frames & Masks (Cmd-D) Open or close the frames and masks panel.

The "Tools" Menu

Get Info (Cmd-I) Show image information.
Change Size (Cmd-Y) Change image size.

The "Window" Menu

Minimize (Cmd-M) Minimize the currently active window.
Zoom Fit the program window to the screen size.

The "Help" Menu

Image Tricks Help Open the built-in documentation.
BeLight Software Web Site Open the developer's web site.
Send Feedback... Send feedback to the developers by e-mail.
Online Registration… Send your registration information to the developer.

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