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Editing Images

Applying Masks, Borders and Frames

In Image Tricks, you can apply masks and frames to images. To open the library of masks and frames, click on the Frames & Masks button in the main window, or select View > Show Frames & Masks.

Frames and masks

1 – Apply a frame, border or mask to the image.

2 – Here you can select frames, borders and masks.

3 – Thumbnails of frames, borders or masks.

4 - The icon in the corner of the thumbnail indicates that the frame or border is square or rectangular in portrait orientation. Those that are in landscape orientation don't have any icon.

5 – Activate or deactivate the shadow of the frame. Borders don't have this option.

6 – These tools rotate and flip frames, borders and masks.

7 – Zoom the image. Once you zoom the image in, you can move it around inside the frame or border.


To apply a frame, border or mask, click on its thumbnail in the library.

You can change the color of Borders and Paintable Frames.

The Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions don't apply to frames and borders.

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