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Image Tricks Interface

Image Tricks Main Window

1 – Select here Core Image filters, Quartz Compositions to modify images, or Generators to generate images.

2 – List of tools.

3 – Parameters of the selected tool.

4 – Click the Apply button to apply the selected tool.

5 – Open a graphic file.

6 – Open Photos or iPhoto to access the image collection.

7 – Share the currently open image with one of available programs or services.

8 – Verify or change the image size.

9 – Rotate the image counterclockwise. To change the rotation direction permanently, select the Rotate Image Clockwise check box in the program Preferences (Cmd-,).

10 – The preview area.

11 – Open or close the library of borders, frames and masks.

12 – Adjust the magnification of your image in the preview.

13 – The library of borders, frames and masks.

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