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Using Generators

Generating Images

Image Tricks can generate images using built-in mathematical algorithms. You can change the generator parameters (numeric values and colors) to create different output images.

With the same parameters, some generators (like Spinning Squares) show the same image. Others can create random images (Star Dust). To choose one of randomly generated images, click the Render button several times.

If you decide to return to one of the previously created but not saved images, use the "<" and ">" buttons.

When you select a generator, the program creates an image with the default set of parameters.

It may take some time to generate a large image. If you just play with parameters (especially color) to find an appropriate combination, it is recommended that you set smaller image size. For instance, 400x400 pixels is enough for preview. Then you can change image size and re-generate it in better quality.

Generators, marked with "PRO", have additional settings, that are available only in the "Pro" version of Image Tricks.

1 – List of generators.

2 – Parameters of the selected generator.

3 – Edit the generated image using graphic effects.

4 – Re-generate an image.

5 – The history of images created with the current generator.

Parameters of Generators

Generators have different sets of parameters. Parameters can be separated into the following groups:

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