Get Backup Pro

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.10

  • Feature to start backups automatically is now possible when an external backup source drive is connected.
  • Option to show warning dialog before starting a Clone moved from program Preferences to project properties.
  • Fixed the problem with creation of Preboot Volume when APFS volume is located in the same container with another APFS volume.
  • Improved restore for split archive backups.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.9

  • Fixed the problem with backup archives on macOS 10.14.
  • Improved Sync for FAT32 and similar file systems.
  • Optimized log processes.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.8

  • Solved the problem with password setup for encrypted disk image.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.7

  • Dark Mode supported for macOS 10.14 users.
  • Ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.6

  • Encrypted APFS volume: Fixed the problem with clone not being bootable.
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect log record after Sync completion for network disks with auto-unmount.
  • Fixed the problem with backup process interruption when backing up to non-Mac disk formats (NTFS, FAT, exFAT, etc). Now, unsupported extended attributes will not copy.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.5

  • Fixed the ability to create incremental backup on the program start with admin privileges.
  • Embedded rsync-utility was updated to version 3.1.3.
  • ‘Exсlude by pattern’ field in project properties now allows for manual entering of the pattern.
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.4

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.3

  • Added Duplicate Project option.
  • APFS volumes: Solved the problem with copying the content of Recovery Volume.
  • APFS volumes: Fixed the order of file sorting for synchronization projects.
  • Overall program optimizations for cloning, synchronization and backup processes.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.2

  • APFS volume clone to another APFS volume can now be bootable.
  • Fixed the problem with booting up from macOS 10.13 clone volume (thanks to running system cash update at the end of cloning process).
  • Fixed the problem with stealth mode running on schedule when “Use Administrator Privileges” option is on in the program Preferences.
  • Fixed the problem with selecting/deselecting all files in the project table.
  • Fixed the problem with program crash on opening project properties dialog.
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4.1

  • Fixed the problem with delete older backup versions.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.4

  • Introduced the option to backup into disk image, which provides two important additions:
    • support for encrypted backups;
    • ability to create incremental backups to network disks, and disks with none Mac file systems (FAT, NTFS, etc.).
    Ability to set the maximum limit for disk image size.
  • Added support for Apple File System (APFS) format disks.
  • Ready for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Reworked the process of deleting old backups. Settings to control backup deletion moved from closing the app to the stage when backup project is set. Also, backup deletion is final, files do not get to the Trash.
  • Fixed the problem with starting backup automatically when destination is mounted.
  • Fixed the problem with repeating restore of archived backups when the option to excluding certain types of files was enabled.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.3.3

  • Get Backup Pro menubar icon is now available.
  • Introduced the ability to suspend schedule for a specified period.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.3.2

  • Program alerts now appear in the System Notification Center.
  • Fixed the problem with disk not being recognized as valid for bootable cloning on macOS 10.12.
  • Fixed the problem with "Never delete anything" check for Sync projects.
  • Other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.3

  • Added start process (backup, cloning, etc.) option when connecting an external drive. This new option can work in conjunction with the option to run on a schedule.
  • Added automatic disconnection of network volume when a backup is completed.
  • Added backup optimization in case of previous attempt’s failure. The interim data is no longer removed and is used during a new backup attempt.
  • Improved multiple selection in the folder/file lists with the ability to call the context menu.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.2

  • Introduced the ability to delete old backup versions after set number of days or when exceeding a set number of backups.
  • Content view state is memorized when switching between projects.
  • Multi-select is added for files and folders for backup and archive projects.
  • Full backup with an option to keep previous backups replaced Versioned option in project properties for Archive Backups.
  • Other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.1.1

  • Program improvements and bug fixes.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.1

  • The program now launches in minimized/hidden view for scheduled backups.
  • The program now quits automatically after all scheduled processes are complete.
  • Dock icon now indicates active processes with progress bar.
  • The Log Window now stores previous session logs.
  • When backup destination is selected or changed in Project Properties dialog, it is analyzed for possibility of incremental backup.
  • Fixed the problem with selecting last used project after restarting the program.
  • Fixed the problem with excluding files with names that contain special symbols.
  • Fixed the problem with Help button in Restore, Project Properties and Preferences dialogs.
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What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.0.3

  • Added the ability to restore external backups that are not in the list of the current projects (use Process menu, 'Restore from…' option).
  • Added active processes indication onto project type tabs.
  • To save disk space, Get Backup logs are now stored in compressed format.
  • Fixed the problem with disappearing analyze log when switching to other programs.
  • Fixed the problem with disappearing projects when 'Use administrator privileges' option is set.
  • Various other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.0.2

  • Resolved the problem with the app freezing when running simultaneous projects.
  • Fixed the problem with accessing project settings, if the system language is set to Japanese.
  • Cloning attempts will not repeat until the next scheduled period, if source or destination are not accessible.
  • Fixed the problem with the program crash during cloning and synchronization.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3.0.1

  • Fixed the problem with Stop button during Synchronization.
  • Improved stability for cloning processes.
  • Selection check in File Tree now displays correct value.
  • Indication of processed data is now correct for large backup archives.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in Get Backup Pro v.3

  • Backup method without archiving your data added. This becomes the default backup method. Created backups are incremental and use the hard links to the original backup, which means that the backup folder looks as a full backup, but takes very little additional storage space over the original.
  • More flexibility of working with the project list: manual reordering, renaming projects.
  • New stylish easy-to-use interface.
  • Scheduler now allows to select specific days of week (for example scheduling backup for Tuesday and Friday nights).
  • Program Launch Agent has been replaced by the system Launch Agent (it was only in Get Backup App Store version).
  • Many other improvements.
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What's new in Get Backup v.2.6.1

  • Fixed the problem with opening backup project content via View Content button.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.6

  • Fixed the problem with ignoring file exceptions during cloning.
  • Improved compatibility with OS X 10.10 (pre-release version).
  • Minor other fixes.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5.5

  • Fixed the problem with adding backup projects in non-English localizations.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5.4

  • Solved the problem with several files having identical names and therefore being erased. Now backup archives store the entire file path.
  • Added a feature that keeps your Mac from going to sleep until a sync or backup is complete. If put in a forced sleep, all processes are correctly cleared from RAM.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5.3

  • Improved compatibility with OS X 10.9.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5.2

  • 64-bit mode is now fully supported (for Mac OS 10.6 and higher).
  • Introduced the ability to schedule a backup to execute at certain intervals of time (from 15 minutes to 4 hours).
  • Fixed the problem of spontaneous window relocation on program launch.
  • Fixed Mail projects backup on Mac OS X 10.8.
  • Fixed restoring backups that are split to several CDs/DVDs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5.1

Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8:

  • Resolved cosmetic problems when resizing the window.
  • Fixed the problem with checkboxes in the Clone tab being checked by default.
  • Other bug fixes.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.5

  • Added the ability to exclude files and folders from a synchronization project list (Pro only).
  • The program can now automatically check for and download available updates using the Sparkle auto-updater technology. See the auto-update settings via Preferences dialog
  • Introduced a "Show hidden files" option in the File dialog when adding files to a project, improving compatibility with Lion.
  • The program now takes into consideration which library is active when adding iTunes or iPhoto libraries to a backup project.
  • Fixed the problem with burning a split archive to CD/DVD.
  • Solved the issue with Roxio Toast not being able to find files when changed the path of “Custom folder for temporaries” in Preferences dialog
  • Resolved the problem with activating the schedule agent.
  • Added “Reset to default” option when setting a path to log-files in the Preferences dialog.
  • Added Cmd+W shortcut to close Preferences or the Log window.
  • Various minor bugs fixed.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.9

  • Reworked Analyze option for Synchronization projects.
  • Updated Rsync to version 3.0.9 (used for synchronization and cloning).
  • Fixed processing for files and folders with extended attributes when restoring from backup archive.
  • Introduced auto disabling of Spotlight indexing for destination disk at the start of cloning.
  • Fixed date format. Now date format is taken from system settings.
  • Resolved the problem with the date not being updated for the last synchronization.
  • Improved synchronization problem to remote FreeBSD server using AFP protocol.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.7

  • Added the ability to save your admin password in Keychain to allow Get Backup to launch backup, synchronization, and cloning processes automatically. This option can be found in the program preferences.
  • Introduced the ability to skip a scheduled process when a network or external disk is not accessible.
  • Added the option to disable the warning dialog at the start of a cloning project to help automate scheduled cloning.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported.
  • Improved German localization.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.4

  • Added an Automount option for network volumes in synchronization projects.
  • Fixed the problem with schedule settings being lost when the source or destination of a synchronization project becomes unavailable.
  • Fixed the problem with selecting a backup destination containing non-ASCII symbols.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.3

  • Fixed backup burning to DVD+ discs.
  • Solved the problem with Roxio Toast integration that prevented disc burning after completing a backup.
  • Fixed the issue with burning several backup projects to CDs.
  • Two-way synchronization is now available in the Pro version on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Solved the problem with sync projects freezing when two or more exclusion patterns are set (Exclude By Pattern option).
  • Added a dialog that warns about Schedule Agent use when first schedule is set.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.2

  • Fixed the problem with scheduled program launch after renaming the program in Finder.
  • Solved the problem that caused the path to an external or network disk to be lost if the disk had been temporarily disconnected (Synchronization Tab).
  • Added an Analyze button to the Synchronization Tab that you must now press to display directional arrows for individual files. This eliminates freezing when activating this tab.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4.1

  • Cloning and synchronization are now based on the latest version of Rsync utility (v. 3.0.7), which lead to:
        • faster cloning and synchronization (for already existing data);
        • improved processing of non-standard situations during cloning and synchronization.
  • Fixed the problem with cloned discs not becoming bootable.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.4

  • Added the ability to clone disks, including bootable disks for the creation of bootable backups.
  • Changes to the interface: the program is now divided into tree main panels (backup, clone, synchronize).
  • Improved and made the log dialog more detailed.
  • Added an option to the program preferences that regulates how often the program clears log files.
  • Introduced an option to “Consider modification date” during synchronization that allows you to use the program not only to synchronize but also to quickly copy files.
  • Fixed the problem with the program freezing after switching to bidirectional synchronization.
  • Solved the problem with Roxio Toast integration that caused the program to report successful burning even when the disc had not been burned.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.3.2

  • Improved “Restore Selected“ option.
  • Removed erroneous messages from the Log window about files not found during the backup restore process.
  • Fixed the problem with scheduled synchronization.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.3.1

  • Fixed the bug that kept the scheduler from automatically launching the program.
  • Updated German help.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.3

New Functionalities

  • The program is now available in freeware and Pro versions. Read about the differences between the two.
  • The history of all previous backups is now stored in the project.
  • Fixed the problem of backup archives being closed upon changing the backup type.
  • Added the ability to backup archives to a CD using multi-session burning.


  • Added the possibility to restore incremental backup archives stored in different locations.
  • For incremental backup archives it is now possible to restore the selected archive only and skip all others.


  • Improved indication of backup process (the number of processed files and total size are shown).
  • Added indication for processed files when preparing a backup archive file list.
  • Improved performance of the backup content window. Folder content now loads only upon opening the folder.
  • Added a button that calls the Log window.
  • Changed the format of archive file name. New format is as follows: Type_Name-of-project_Date_Time.tgz.bfe.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.2.5

  • Changed Log system. Complete Logs are now saved to a text file during the backup process, while the Log window shows only errors and warnings. At the end of the backup/synchronization process, a summary is shown.
  • Fixed the problem with failed backups due to non-existing files or files with limited privileges.
  • Improved the Preferences dialog interface.
  • Fixed the process of saving backup archives with system administrator privileges.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.2.2

  • Added an auto save functionality that saves the settings of your backup project right after a successful backup.
  • Fixed minor interface problems for Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6).
  • Added a "Show in Finder" option for selected files and folders in a backup project. A similar option was added for synchronization sources.
  • Improved file restore for incremental archives.
  • Fixed the problem of losing system messages in the log window.
  • Introduced hints showing the complete path to synchronization sources.
  • Fixed the storage and restoration of passwords from Keychain when working with Administrator privileges.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.2.1

  • Added the ability to store passwords for encrypted backup archives in Keychain. Useful for scheduled backups.
  • Fixed the file list compilation algorithm for incremental archives, which solves the problem of not saving changed or new files in the archive.
  • Other minor improvements.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.2

  • Added the ability to encrypt backup archives with a password. Four encryption methods are available: Blowfish, Triple DES, AES-128 and AES-256.
  • Fixed the problem with saving folder properties.
  • Improved the processing of files with names containing special ASCII characters.
  • Added the ability to split a backup archive into parts while the compression option is enabled (used to be available only for uncompressed archives).
  • Fixed the problem with splitting backup archives with long file paths.
  • Improved the restoration of multi-volume archives.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to attempt to back up non-existent files.
  • Various other improvements.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.1.2

  • The incremental backup process has been significantly sped up.
  • The full backup process has been changed and optimized.
  • The size of the main window saves correctly.
  • Projects order is stored for future use.
  • The problem with the log window automatically appearing at the program launch has been solved.
  • Minimum size introduced for the content window.
  • Restore Selected files for incremental backups fixed.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.1

  • Loading backup projects separately speeds up the program performance.
  • Faster loading of backup projects.
  • Occasional crashes when deleting a backup project from the list or exiting the program fixed.
  • Problem with opening saved projects fixed.
  • Portuguese localization added. German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish localizations reviewed.
  • Various other program improvements.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.0.2

  • The problem with recurring program launch is solved. Now, in case of unsuccessful backup or synchronization process according to schedule, the next attempt will occur at the subsequent event.
  • Processing queues of backup and synchronization improved.
  • An ability to create a new folder in backup restore dialog was added.
  • Saving Logs into user's folder fixed.
  • The program stability increased.
  • Various interface improvements.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.0.1

  • Ability to restore selective files from archive added.
  • Backup to local disk (different from system disk) fixed.
  • Other minor changes.

What's new in Get Backup v.2.0


  • Interface of the program has changed considerably.
  • Window Flip toggles Backup and Sync views.
  • iPhoto, Mailbox, iTunes, Address Book integration added.


  • New capability to Synchronize files and folders added.
  • Schedule sync process to automate the process.
  • One way and Bidirectional sync available.
  • Option to exclude particular files from being synchronized.
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