Version Changes

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.7

  • Implemented error validation for password changes to file storages and the repository master password changes.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.6

  • Various fixes and enhancements.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.5

  • The program is now compatible with macOS 13 Ventura.
  • Various minor improvements.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.4

  • The program now runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip.
  • Various minor improvements.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.3

  • The app has been successfully notarized by the Apple notary service.
  • The update makes the app ready for the upcoming macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.2

  • Dark Mode supported for macOS 10.14 users.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3.1

  • 64-bit mode is now fully supported.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in Concealer v.1.3

  • Enhanced for Retina display.
  • Solved the problem with Move Card Repositоry.
  • Introduced the ability to setup File Storage view options when opened in Finde
  • Fixed an issue with changing File Storage password.

What's new in Concealer v.1.2.1

  • Improved security: when the program closed or locked, mounted storages are forced to unmount.
  • Fixed interface glitches on OS X 10.10.

What's new in Concealer v.1.2

  • Added the ability to sort cards by Title and Icon.
  • Improved storage technology.
  • Various minor improvements.
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What's new in Concealer v.1.1


  • Added a New Repository command that allows you to create a new repository and back up the existing one.
  • Added the Password Hint field to simplify the process of restoring a forgotten password.
  • When the Auto-Lock feature is turned on, the program now locks when a screensaver starts or when the computer enters Sleep mode.
  • Changed the way credit card numbers are displayed in the main window.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the behavior of Concealer at computer shut down.
  • Corrected the way the program behaves when Auto-Lock activates while working in the Storage Creation dialog.
  • Fixed the Cmd+W shortcut in the main window.
  • Fixed the problem with the program crashing while editing a newly added card.
  • Fixed the problem with moving a repository to a system volume on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Improved German localization.
  • Various other improvements.

What's new in Concealer v.1.0.8

  • Improved Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility.
  • Fixed search engine for text notes.
  • Various other improvements.

What's new in Concealer v.1.0.7

  • Solved the problem with master password recognition after creating a new library.
  • Fixed the problem with with master password recognition after it has been changed.
  • Improved German localization.

What's new in Concealer v.1.0.6

  • Fixed the problem that caused the program to crash when a long master password is used.
  • Improved file drag and drop process from Finder to a File Storage card.

What's new in Concealer v.1.0.5

  • Added a trash bin to enhance the way the program handles the deletion of cards.
  • Added an option to the preferences that clears the Clipboard after a set time interval or when the program locks.
  • Improved the way the program handles the Undo command.
  • Fixed dragging and dropping files to locked file storage cards.
  • Fixed the problem with dragging and dropping files to file storages when another file with the same name already exists.
  • Changing the name of a file storage now changes the name of the volume in the Finder.
  • Fixed the problem of a cards's preview disappearing in the main window after editing.
  • Added the ability to select multiple categories in the Categories dialog by pressing Command or Shift.
  • Added icons for credit card companies and payment systems to credit card form.
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