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Concealer Interface

Concealer Keyboard Shortcuts


Working with Windows

Cmd-, Bring up the program preferences dialog.
Cmd-Q Quit the application.
Cmd-Opt-T Hide or show the toolbar.
Cmd-M Minimize the main window.
Cmd-L Lock the main window.

Working with Cards in the Main Window

Cmd-N Create a new account.
Cmd-Shift-N Create a new note.
Cmd-Ctrl-N Create a new file storage.
Cmd-A Select all cards.
Del Move the selected card(s) to the Trash.
Cmd-D Duplicate the selected card.
Cmd-1 Display all cards.
Cmd-2 Display only accounts.
Cmd-3 Display only notes.
Cmd-4 Display only file storages.

Editing Information in Cards

Cmd-Z Reverse the last operation you performed.
Cmd-Shift-Z Reverse the last Undo operation.
Cmd-X Cut the selected text.
Cmd-C Copy the selected text to the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste text from the Clipboard into the active text box.
Delete Remove the selected text or remove the symbol to the right from the cursor.
Cmd-A Select all text in the active text box.
Cmd-E Display the properties of the selected card.


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