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Concealer Interface

Concealer Menus

The "Concealer" Menu

About Concealer
Display the dialog with information about the program.
License... Get access to the registration information.
Check for Updates... Check for the latest updates on the developer's web site.
Preferences... (Cmd-,) Bring up the program preferences dialog.
Quit Concealer (Cmd-Q) Exit the application.

The "File" Menu

New Account (Cmd-N) Create a new account.
New Note (Cmd-Shift-N) Create a new note.
New File Storage (Cmd-Ctrl-N) Create a new file storage.
Manage Categories... Add, delete, or reorder the card categories.
Empty Trash... Delete cards located in the Trash.
Export Selected Cards... Export the selected card(s) to a text file. If nothing is selected, all the cards will be exported.
Change Master Password... Specify a new master password.
Lock (Cmd-L) Lock the main window.
Password Assistant... Open the utility that can generate passwords.
New Card Repository... Create a new card repository in place of the existing one.
Move Card Repository... Move the card repository to another folder or drive.
Change Card Repository... Open another card repository.

The "Edit" Menu

Undo (Cmd-Z) Reverse the last operation you performed.
Redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) Reverse the last Undo operation.
Cut (Cmd-X) Cut the selected text.
Copy (Cmd-C) Copy the selected text to the Clipboard.
Duplicate (Cmd-D) Duplicate the selected card.
Paste (Cmd-V) Paste text from the Clipboard into the active text box.
Move to Trash (Del) Move the selected card to Trash.
Select All (Cmd-A) Select all cards if the main window is activated. Select all text if you are editing text.
Edit Card... Open the card to edit information in it.
Card Properties... (Cmd-E) Display the properties of the selected card.
Find > Text search tools.
Font > Text formatting tools.
Special Characters... Open the Character palette.

The "View" Menu

All Cards (Cmd-1) Display all cards.
Accounts (Cmd-2) Display only accounts.
Notes (Cmd-3) Display only notes.
File Storages (Cmd-4) Display only file storages.
Trash Display the content of the Trash.
Hide/Show Toolbar (Cmd-Opt-T) Hide or show the toolbar.
Customize Toolbar... Open the Customize Toolbar dialog.

The "Window" Menu

Minimize (Cmd-M) Minimize the main window.
Zoom Fit the program window to the screen size.

The "Help" Menu

Concealer Help Open the built-in documentation.
BeLight Software Web Site Open the developer's web site.
Send Feedback... Send feedback to the developers by e-mail.
Online Registration... Send your registration information to the developer.
Video Tutorials... Lets you choose and view online video tutorials from inside the program.


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