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Art Text Interface

The Art Text Workspace

1 – Canvas. This is the area where you preview and work with your design.

2 – The elements of your design. Each object on the canvas takes an individual layer.

3 – The toolbar.


The Toolbar

To hide or show the toolbar, swipe over the bottom edge of the screen.

1 – Change the content of the current layer. If the current layer is text, the tool lets you edit it or change its formatting. If the current layer is a shape or icon, you can select another one from the library. The action of this tool is equivalent to double-tapping on an object.

2 – Add a new text or shape, or open the Layer bar.

3 – Cancel the last modification of your document.

4 – Change the canvas scale.

5 – Open the template library.

6 – Share your design with another program, or save it as a PNG image.

7 – Save the current document.

8 – Open the panel with transformation tools.

9 – Open the Shadow, Glow and Stroke tools.

10 – Open the Fill, Texture and Shader tools.

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