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Art Text Interface

The Colors Pane

When you tap on the Color button among the parameters of the color fill or another effect, the Colors pane opens.

Colors field

1 – Current color.

2 – Color field. To pick color, tap on it in the field. To adjust the current color, slightly drag the marker aside. By moving it vertically, you change the Brightness (B). By moving it horizontally, you change the Hue (H). Using two sliders, you can vary the Saturation (S) and Transparency (T).

3 – Tap this button to choose either the color field or swatches.

4 – Color picker. Tap this button to activate the picker. Then tap in your design to pick the color.

Color swathches

5 – Color swatches.

6 – Saturation slider.

7 – Transparency slider.

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