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We have picked up for you a selection of products and services that will help you create quality illustrations, logos, choose correct paper and printing devices. We hope they will make good companions for your business.

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Preparing Your Document for a Print Shop
Read this is you decide to print your work in a professional print shop.

Paper Sizes and Formats Explained: The Difference Between A4 and Letter
Read about the different paper layouts and sizes and get quick tips for copying and printing.

DTP 1101: Desktop Publishing Basics
An article outlining the basics of desktop publishing software.

Choosing a Printer
A brief overview of printers and their pros and cons.

Graphics & Fonts

Graphics & Fonts

BeLight Clipart Images
Collection of 40,000+ images which comes with the Extras package.

Images and Illustrations
Learn about different kinds of images, the ways to use them in your work and where to get them.

Supplied Fonts
100 additional fonts which come with the Extras package.

Express Yourself with Fonts
Discover how different fonts can influence your documents and where you can find them.

Designer site that offers various icon collections.

Vector illustration application for Mac.