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Saving Projects

To save your project, use the File > Save menu command or the Cmd-S shortcut.

You have the option to save your project in the Mac OS native bundle format (.li3d), or in the compressed format (.lizd). The bundle format includes a Quick Look preview that makes it useful on the Mac OS platform. In the compressed format, your project is a regular file (not a bundle). This format should be used for emailing, sharing over the Internet, or backing up to a non-Mac OS network drive.

All the materials used in the design are saved in the project file. This guarantees that your project will look the same way on other machines with Live Interior 3D installed.

If you plan to view the project on a computer where Live Interior 3D is not installed, save the 2D and 3D views as graphic files.

For more information, see the Printing section.

Saving Templates

To save your project as a template, use the File > Save as Template menu command. Templates are saved only in the compressed format (.lizd).

Once you have saved a custom template, the program doesn't retain the link between the open project and this template. To update the template after modification, select it in the Save As Template dialog to overwrite.