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Disc Cover Supported Paper

Search paper within the list using capabilities of your web browser: Edit -> Find... in the menu or the Cmd+F shortcut.

What should I do if my paper is not listed?

1) Search for compatible paper. It is quite common for paper manufacturers to produce the same paper layout for inkjet and laser printers. These paper sorts have different part numbers.
Manufacturers of cheaper paper may produce paper that is compatible with brand manufacturers.
Compatibility information can be found on manufacturers' web sites.

2) Disc Cover has a powerful tool to create custom paper layouts. You can add a custom paper layout for unsupported paper.
You can also send your layout to the developer for adding it to the program. For this, print on it to make sure it was made accurately. Then select it in the custom paper list and click the "Send layout to developer" button. An e-mail with all necessary data will be created. Please add to the e-mail the correct paper name and part number from the paper package.

3) Notify Disc Cover developer of the unsupported paper via the Support form.

CD/DVD Labels


29123, 29125, 29127, 29131, 29133, 29145, 29146, 29147

Ace Label

201 Series 1-Up CD Booklet: 20122C, 20126C
202 Series 2-Up CD Front Insert: 20222C, 20226C
203 Series 24-Up CD Case Spine: 20300B
204 Series 2-Up CD Front Insert: 20420C, 20422C, 20426C
205 Series CD Trayliner and Front Insert: 20520C, 20522C, 20526C
206 Series 2-Up CD Trayliner: 20620C, 20622C, 20626C
207 Series 2-Up CD Insert with Spine: 20700-C
209 Series CD Trayliner and Front Insert: 20922C, 20926C
300 Series 2-Up Tri-Fold CD Booklet (11*17in): 30022D
301 Series DVD Case Insert (8.28*11.75in): 30120C, 30122C, 30126C
303 Series 1-Up CD Booklet: 30320C, 30322C, 30326C
305 Series 2-Up CD Label: 30500C
306 Series 6-Up CD Label (11*17in): 30600D, 30600F, 30630D
307 Series 2-Up CD Label: 307
308 Series 6-Up CD Label (11*17in): 30800D, 30830D
309 Series 3-Up CD Booklet (11*17in): 30922D
310 Series DVD Slim Case Insert: 31022C
311 Series 4-Up CD Trayliner (11*17in): 31122D
312 Series DVD Case Insert (8.28*11.75in): 31222C
313 Series DVD Case Booklet: 31320C, 31322C, 31326C
316 Series 6-Up CD Insert (11*17in): 31622D
317 Series 2-Up CD Label: 31700C
320 Series Umatic Face and Insert Sheet: 32000C
400 Series 6-Up CD Label (11*17in): 40000D, 40030D
405 Series 12-Up VHS Individual Face Labels: 40500C, 40550-C
406 Series 12-Up VHS Individual Spine Labels: 40600C, 40613-C, 40650-C
410 Series CD Trayliner and Front Insert: 41022C
417 Series 6-Up VHS Format F Set: 41700C
432 Series 2-Up Large Betacam Insert Sheet: 43222-C
433 Series 3-Up Betacam Insert Sheet: 43300C
435 Series 1-Up VHS Full Sleeve Insert: 43522C
436 Series 3-Up VHS Insert Sheet: 43622C
501 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 50100C
503 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 50300C, 50306-C, 50312-C, 50330C
504 Series 3-Up CD Label Sheet: 50400C, 50403C, 50430C, 50450C, 50460B
505 Series 10-Up VHS Face Kiss-Cut Labels: 50500C
506 Series 15-Up VHS Spine Kiss-Cut Labels: 50600C, 50660B
508 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 50800C
596 Series 15-Up MiniDV Label Sheet: 59600B
597 Series 61 mm 9-Up CD Biz Card Label Sheet: 59700B, 59700C, 59730C, 59750-C, 59760B
599 Series 6-Up CD Biz Card Label Sheet: 59900-25, 59960-25
600 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 60000C, 60030C, 60050-C, 60060B
603 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 60300C, 60300F, 60303C, 60306C, 60308-C, 60313C, 60330C, 60330F, 60345D, 60350E, 60360B
604 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 60400C, 60450C, 60460B
605 Series 3-Up Betacam Insert Sheet: 605
611 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 61100C, 61130C, 61150C
612 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 61200C, 61200F, 61230C, 61250C, 61260B
613 Series 2-Up CD/DVD Label Sheet: 61300C, 61345-50, 61360B
614 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 61400C, 61430C, 61460B
615 Series 6-Up CD Label Sheet: 61500B, 61500C, 61530C, 61560B
616 Series 6-Up CD 3.0" Label Sheet: 616
617 Series 63 mm 9-Up CD Biz Card Label Sheet: 61700B
618 Series 20-Up CD/DVD Hub Label Sheet: 61800A
619 Series 6-Up CD 3.0" Label Sheet: 61900C
620 Series 2-Up CD Labels with Core Labels: 62000C, 62060-25
621 Series 5-Up Mini CD Label: 62100C
622 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 62200C
623 Series 2-Up CD Label Sheet: 62300C
624 Series 61 mm 9-Up CD Biz Card Label Sheet: 62400C
625 Series 6-Up Mini CD Label Sheet: 62500C
705 Series 6-Up Betacam FSheet: 70500C


CD/DVD Labels 114mm: 101141, 118936, 118946, 119624, 119627, 119628, 119883
CD/DVD Labels 117mm: 101142, 118920, 118937, 118947, 119626, 119629, 119884
12 Video Spine Labels (120*16mm): 119622
CD Jewel Case: 119485, 119492
DVD Case Insert: 119495
CD Slim Case: 119496


114mm: 02899, 03268
CD-DVD Labels 114mm: 10041, 10042, 10043, 10044, 10166, 02001, 02928, 03268
37 CD-DVD Spine Labels: 02002
CD Jewel Case: 02003, 10237, 10238, 10253, 10254, 10606, 10607
CD-DVD Labels 117mm: 10039, 10209, 10210, 10213, 10291, 10292, 10293, 10328, 10329, 10600, 10601, 10603, 10604, 11204
CD-DVD Labels 117mm: 10398, 10399, 10400
Mini CD Labels: 10394, 10395
DVD Case Insert: 10831


VHS Spine: 5069, 5199, 5997
VHS Face: 5069, 5199, 5997
CD/DVD Labels:
5585, 5691, 5692, 5694, 5695, 5697, 5698, 5931
6691, 6692, 6695
8691, 8692, 8694, 8695, 8699, 8931, 8941, 8942, 8945, 8962, 8965
Jewel Case Front and Tray Inserts / Standard Jewel Case:
5691, 5693, 5695, 5931
6691, 6693, 6695
8693, 8698, 8831, 8833, 8843, 8848, 8931, 8941, 8943, 8945, 8965
Jewel Case Inserts / Slim Line Jewel Case:
5693, 5695
6693, 6695
8833, 8843, 8693, 8943, 8945, 8965
5824 CD/DVD Labels
5981 CD Labels
7225 CD/DVD Label 5.5x5.678
8891 DVD Case Inserts/Cover
7226 Jewel Case Inserts
5696/8696 CD Label and Insert Combo Sheets
Full-Face CD Labels: 8831, 8832, 8842, 8844, 8846, 8847, 8944, 8960, AfterBurner
8942 US Jewel Case Booklet
Jewel Case Booklets: 8893, 8954, 8955, AfterBurner
Jewel Case Covers: 8893, 8954, 8955, AfterBurner
8954 Jewel Case Inserts
61100 CD Labels
Stomper US Standard CD Labels: 31625, 11111
Stomper US Slim Format CD Labels: 98104, 98110, 98170, 98171, 98172
Stomper US Jewel Case Cover/Insert: 97311, 98103, 98105, 98107, 98109
Stomper US CD Full Face Standard: 98102, 98107, 98108, 98111, 98122, 98124, 98149
Stomper CD 2-Up
Stomper 98115 US CD Jewel Case Booklet
Stomper 98115 US CD Jewel Case Insert x2
Stomper 98132/98133 US Mini CD Label
Stomper 98136/98137 US Business Card CD Labels
Stomper CD Jewel Case Insert Refills
Stomper CD Jewel Case Inserts
Stomper CD 2-Up Slim Sheet
Stomper DVD Jewel Case Insert: 98173
Stomper CD/DVD Label and Case Insert
J8437/L7436 DVD Cover
J8437/L7436 Slim DVD Cover
J8671/J8771/L7671 - VHSビデオラベル(正面)
J8674/J8774/L7674 - VHSビデオラベル(背面)
C2050/L4742 Video Face Labels
C2050/L4746 Video Face Labels
Full Face CD/DVD Labels: C9780, J8570,J8676, J8776, J8777, J8778, L7760, L7676, L7678, L7776, L7860
Classic Size CD/DVD Labels: C6074, L6015, L6043, L6044, L6045, L6046, L6047, L6117
C95461/J87461/C96461 - CD-Rラベル(内径41mm)
C95462/J87462/C96462 - CD-Rラベル(内径17mm)
MC-CDCA - ケースカード(フタ・ソコ用)
MJ-TCIN - トールケースインデックス
MJ-TCJK - トールケースジャケット
MJ-TCSJK - スリムトールケースジャケット
Avery/Zweckform Full Face CD/DVD Labels: C9660, J8770, 8776, 8777, 8778
Avery/Zweckform J8433
Avery/Zweckform J6115 Classic Size CD/DVD Labels
Avery/Zweckform J8432
Avery/Zweckform J8676A-25
Avery/Zweckform Jewel Case: C32250, 32251, J8434, 8434, J8435, L7435
Avery/Zweckform J8435 Slim CD Jewel Case
C9612/J8612 CD-R Business Cards
J8667/L6116 Mini Disk Labels


BMJ001 A4 CD Jewel Case Tray Insert
BMJ001 US CD Jewel Case Tray Insert
BMJ001 A4 CD Jewel Case Cover
BMJ001 US CD Jewel Case Cover
BMJ002/BMJ002HI A4 CD Jewel Case Cover + Insert
BMJ002/BMJ002HI US CD Jewel Case Cover + Insert
LD001/LD001CLR/LD001CL/LD001HI/LD001GHI A4 CD, Core, + Spine
LD001/LD001CLR/LD001CL/LD001HI/LD001GHI US CD, Core, + Spine
BMS001-CLR/BMS002-HI/BMS003-HIG/LD007-CL Refilled CD Labels- 12cm
LD101/LD102 US CD, Core, Spine
LS001 A4 CD, Core, Spine
LS101 US CD, Core, Spine
BMJ092-HI DVD Case Insert
LS081 A4 CD Labels 8 cm
LS181 US CD Labels 8 cm
LN091 A4 Curve Biz Card CD Labels
LN191 US Curve Biz Card CD Labels


Belkin Launchpad




US CD (3-up) 312737
312715 CD Labels


CD/DVD labels: DLW-1744, DLW-1796, OLW-4744, OLW-4796, OLW-4827
CD/DVD labels (Full Coverage): DLW-1824, DLW-1900, OLW-4796, OLW-4797, OLW-4798, OLW-4824, OLW-4899, OLW-4900, OLW-4901, OLW-4902
CD Jewel Case: OCI-3339, OCI-3339-3, OCI-4895
OCI-3340/OCI-4896 CD Folded Card
OCI-4897 DVD Case Insert
OLW-4903 CD Business Cards

Data Becker

CD/DVD-Etiketten (3on1)
CD-Etiketten mit integrierter Zentrierhilfe
CD-Einleger klassisch




Dataline 12426 CD/DVD labels


A4 CD Labels 2up: CLP-292215, CLP-192235, CLP-192335
A4 CD Labels Plus: CLP-292109, CLP-292120, CLP-292309, CLP-292320, CLP-292321, CLS-281580, CLS-280795
A4 DVD Case Booklet: DIP-192605, DIP-192635, DIP-192645, DIP-192633, DIP-192643
A4 DVD Case Insert: DIP-192508, DIP-192611, DIP-192621, DIP-192613, DIP-292604, DIP-292608, DIP-292611, DIP-292621
A4 DVD Slim Case Insert: DIP-192615, DIP-192618
A4 Full Coverage CD Labels 2up: CLP-192237, CLP-192345, CLP-192348, CLP-292322, CLP-292323, CLP-292333, CLP-292334, CLP-292336, CLS-280797, CLS-281582
A4 HandiCD Labels: CLP-192329, CLP-192341, CLP-192366, CLP-292327
A4 Jewel Case Booklet: CIP-192396, CIP-292100, CIP-292408, CIP-292409, CIS-280935, CIP-292379, CIP-292381, CIP-292383, CIS-281600
A4 Jewel Case Tray Liners: CIP-192397, CIP-192382, CIP-292100,CIP-292379, CIP-292381, CIP-292385, CIP-292408, CIP-292410, CIS-280945, CIS-281610
A4 Mini CD Labels: CLP-192347, CLP-192368, CLP-292324
A4 Slimline Jewel Case Insert: CIP-192412, CIP-192413
US Jewel Case Booklet: CIP-192100, CIP-192379, CIP-192381, CIP-192383, CIP-192396, CIP-192408, CIP-192409, CIP-192418, CIP-192420, CIP-192938, CIP-199403, CIP-199404, CIS-180935, CIS-181600
US Jewel Case Tray Liner: CIP-192100, CIP-192379, CIP-192381, CIP-192385, CIP-192397, CIP-192408, CIP-192410, CIP-192418, CIP-192420, CIP-192948, CIP-199403, CIP-199405, CIS-180945, CIS-181610
US Case Insert/Tray Liner: CIP-192418, CIP-192420, CIP-192380, CIP-192382
US CD Labels 2up: CLP-192215, CLP-192217, CLP-192235
US CD Labels Full Coverage 2up: CLP-192239, CLP-192237
US CD Labels Plus
US CD Labels 3up: CLP-192301
US CD Core Labels: CLP-192265, CLP-192268
US CD/DVD Labels Complete: CLP-192121, CLP-192370, CLP-192372, CLP-192377, CLS-181585, CLS-863105
US CD/DVD Labels Full Coverage Complete: CLP-192355, CLP-192533, CLP-192534, CLP-192536, CLS-863516, CLS-863517
US DVD Case Booklet: DIP-192605, DIP-192615, DIP-192617, DIP-192618, DIP-192633, DIP-192635, DIP-192643, DIP-192645, DIS-181505
US DVD Case Insert: DIP-192508, DIP-192604, DIP-192608, DIP-192611, DIP-192613, DIP-192616, DIP-192621, DIP-192720, DIS-181518
US DVD Slim Case Insert: DIP-192615
US Digital Vinyl CD Labels
US HandiCD Labels: CLP-192326, CLP-192328, CLP-192341, CLP-192366
US Mini CD Labels: CLP-192324, CLP-192346, CLP-192347, CLP-192368
US Mini CD (Old) Labels
US Mini CD/DVD Case Insert: CIP-192312
US Slimline Jewel Case Insert: CIP-192412, CIP-192413, CIS-180980, CIS-180984
US Super Jewel Box CD Booklet/Tray Liner (Inside)
US Super Jewel Box CD Booklet/Tray Liner (Outside)
US Super Jewel Box DVD Booklet
US Super Jewel Box DVD Tray Liner (Inside)
US Super Jewel Box DVD Tray Liner (Outside)
US VHS Face/Spine
US VHS Face Labels: VWP-199959
US VHS Spine: VWP-092218, VWP-092219, VWP-092221, VWP-092222, VWP-199959
US VHS Wrap: VWP-199959
US MiniDisk Labels
US Blue-Ray DVD Case Insert: DIP-192720, DIP-192724


Optijet Etiquettes CD
Optijet Jaquettes CD


SH-7902A CD/DVD Labels (4-5/8 in dia.)
SH-7902 CD/DVD Labels (4-5/8 in dia.)
7702 CD/DVD Labels (4-1/2 in dia.): TH-7702, IH-7702, SH-7702
7802A CD/DVD Labels (4-5/8 in dia.): TH-7802A, IH-7802A
SH-7815 Diskette Labels (2x2-11/16 in)
SH-7715 VHS Spine Labels (2/3x5-13/16 in)
SH-7710 VHS Face Labels (1-5/6x3-1/16 in)
GS-1202 CD/DVD Labels (114 mm dia.)
GS-1202A CD/DVD Labels (114 mm dia.)
2642 CD/DVD Labels (118 mm dia.): LSM-2642, PSM-2642, IJM-2642, ISM-2642
2642A CD/DVD Labels (118 mm dia.): LSM-2642A, IJM-2642A
2615 Diskette Labels (70x52 mm): LSM-2615, LQM-2615
2910F VHS Face Labels (76.2x46.4 mm): LSM-2910F, LQM-2910F
2910S VHS Spine Labels (145x16.9 mm): LSM-2910S, LQM-2910S
2742P CD/DVD Labels (118 mm dia.): LSM-2742P, PSM-2742P
2742AP CD/DVD Labels (118 mm dia.): LSM-2742AP, PSM-2742AP
LSM-2652 CD/DVD Labels (77 mm dia.)
LSM-2652A CD/DVD Labels (77 mm dia.)
GST-1202A A3 Size CD/DVD Labels (114 mm dia.)
GST-1202 A3 Size CD/DVD Labels (114 mm dia.)
JC-3658 CD 케이스 내지
ISF-3642 CD/DVD 라벨 (118 mm dia.)
ISF-3642A CD/DVD 라벨 (118 mm dia.)
LQ-3642S CD 케이스 라벨 (114x5.5 mm)
LQ-3642F CD 케이스 라벨 (124x30 mm)
LSM-3652 CD/DVD 라벨 (77 mm)
LSM-3652A CD/DVD 라벨 (77 mm)
3642P CD/DVD 라벨 (118 mm dia.): IJ-3642P, PS-3642P, CL-3642P, IS-3642P, CS-3642P
3642AP CD/DVD 라벨 (118 mm dia.): PS-3642AP, IJ-3642AP, IS-3642AP, CL-3642AP, CS-3642AP
PS-3672 명함 CD 라벨 (76x56 mm)
3910F 비디오테이프용 라벨 (76x44.4 mm): LS-3910F, PS-3910F, LQ-3910F
3910S 비디오테이프용 라벨 (146x17.8 mm): LS-3910S, LQ-3910S
PS-3915F MD 라벨 (53x36 mm)
PS-3915S MD 라벨 (59x3.5 mm)
PS-3916F 비디오 라벨 (28x21 mm)
PS-3916S 비디오 라벨 (42x9 mm)
PS-3918F 비디오 라벨 (85x12 mm)
PS-3918S 비디오 라벨 (75x10 mm)


CD DVD Tattoos


CD/DVD Labels: 832162, 10408169, 10815678


CD/DVD Labels: 4094, 4374, 4460, 4699, 4471, 4914, 5079, 5083, 5115, 8624, 8683, 4849, 4818, 4850, 8968, 8900, 8885, 8928
DVD Labels: 8975
CD Full Coverage
8619 Mini CD
5078 CD Box Labels
4373/8888 CD Cover
8880 CD Insert


光沢紙CD-R・DVDラベル (内径 41mm): CJ2844E, CJ2844S, CJ844S
CJ2847S 光沢紙CD-R・DVDラベル (内径 24mm)
CD・DVDケースレーベル: CJ593, CJ593S, CJ693S
CJ692S 見開きCD・DVDケースレーベル/光沢 マット
DVDトールケースレーベル: CJ7012S, CJ7014S
DVDスリムトールケースレーベル: CJ7013S, CJ7015S
光沢紙A5 CD-R・DVDラベル (内径 41mm): CJ2843E, CJ2843S
光沢紙A5 CD-R・DVDラベル (内径 24mm): CJ2846S, JJ1001
CD・DVDケース背ラベル: CJ1888S, CJ2888S
CJ2889S 光沢紙スリム型CD・DVDケース背ラベル
MDラベル: CJ1880S, CJ2880S
CJ2890S 光沢紙MDケースラベル2面
VHSビデオラベル: CJ1882S, CJ2882S
CJ2892S 光沢紙VHSビデオ背ラベル3面
CJ7003S DVD・CD-R用透明保護フィルム
DVD・CD-Rラベル (内径 41mm): CJ7004S, CJ7006S, CJ7008S
DVD・CD-Rラベル (内径 24mm): CJ7005S, CJ7007S, CJ7009S
DVD・CD-Rケースレーベル: CJ7010S, CJ7011S


Imation Label-N-Go!
Imation Sonix


A4 80mm CD


A4 CD Set
CD Business Card 5511/6150
CD Business Card 8511/6150, 8511/6350
CD Mini 8511/80180
CD/DVD 5511/17118

Lorenz Bell

A4 Jewel Case
CD/DVD Full Coverage
DVD Cover


US Disc Label

Media Food

Universal CD/DVD


CD/DVD Labels
CD/DVD Labels Full Coverage
US CD Full Coverage
A4 DVD Case Insert
A4 Jewel Case
CD Wallet A4
CD Wallet US
US Dual Purpose Jewel Case 2xCover
US Dual Purpose Jewel Case Cover+Insert
US Jewel Case
Video A4
Video US


CD/DVD Full Coverage
DVD Case Insert
A4 DVD Slim Case Insert
Jewel Case
US Mini CD


5014 A4 CD
5015 A4 CD
5025 A4 CD
5040 A4 CD
5046 A4 Jewel Case Cover + Insert
5048 A4 CD
5059 DVD Cover

Office Depot

DVD/CD Labels
DVD/CD Labels Full Coverage
CD Labels/Jewel Case Inserts


Full Labels Sheet A4(long)
Full Labels Sheet A3
Partial Labels (Medium) Sheet A4
Partial Labels Sheet A4(long)
Partial Labels Sheet A3


Pelikan ord nbr 406903


CD Labels: CD10B, CD10G, CD10T, CD10AM, CD10AZ, CD10VD, CD10VM, CD25B, CD100B
CD Labels A4: A4CD1-G, A4CD1-C, A4CD1-M


PressIt A4
PressIt A4 80mm CD
PressIt A4 Full Coverage
PressIt A4 Jewel Case


CD/DVD Label A4: v3771, v3773, v3771s, v3773s
J3715 A4


Standard CD/DVD Labels 0215016161, 0215016160
Full Face CD/DVD Labels 0215016061, 0215016060
Jewel Case Inserts 0215026060


LB-CDR001N, LB-CDR001N-50, LB-CDR001N-100, LB-CDR003N, LB-CDR005N
LB-CDR002N, LB-CDR002N-50, LB-CDR004N, LB-CDR006N, LB-CDR006N-50
LB-CDR012N, LB-CDR012N-50, LB-CDR012N-100, LB-CDR013N, LB-CDR013N-50, LB-CDR013
JP-IND12, JP-IND12-100, JP-IND13, JP-IND13-100, JP-IND6, JP-IND6-50, JP-IND7, JP-IND7-50
Supply A4


ClassicSize CD/DVD Labels LA521, LA525, LA526, LA530
FullSize CD/DVD Labels LA501, LA505, LA506, LA510


CD Etikett
Inkjet Labels - Classic CD Size
US CD Large Hole


A4 CD Business Card
A4 CD Full Face
A4 DVD Case Insert
A4 Jewel Case
A4 Jewel Case Booklet
A4 Jewel Case Face Insert
A4 Jewel Case Insert
CD Hub 26-up
US CD Business Card
US CD Full Face
US DVD Case Insert (A4)
US Jewel Case
US Jewel Case Booklet
US Jewel Case Face Insert
US Jewel Case Face Insert Reverse
US Jewel Case Insert
US Mini Vinyl CD 6-up


CD/DVD Labels with Core and Spine




A4 49999 CD 3-up
US DVD/CD 2-up
US Digital Vinyl CD


JP579/580 VH580-582
JP63N Betacam Set


CD Labels 41mm Hole: 003R97514, 003R97515, 003R97476
Xerox CD Labels 17mm Hole: 003R97516, 003R97477