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Program Settings

The program settings are located in the Preferences dialog. To open the dialog, choose Labels & Addresses > Preferences... (Cmd-,).

The dialog consists of several tabs.


The General Tab

Open on Start-Up defines the first window you see upon launching the program. You can open the Assistant with design and paper templates, or open a blank label, envelope or postcard document.

Autosave modified documents specifies how often the program automatically saves open documents. To turn autosaving off, choose "Never". It is recommended that you activate auto-saving to avoid data loss in the event of an unexpected power outage or computer crash.

Snap to object edges specifies whether or not the program snaps an object to others when you move or resize it. This feature aligns object edges.

Snap to object centers specifies whether or not the program snaps an object to others when you move or resize it. This feature aligns object centers.

Font sets the default font applied to new documents. Choose the font and size you think you will use most often.

Measurement Units – choose the measurement units to be used throughout the application (on the rulers, in the Inspector, etc.).

Check for updates daily specifies whether the program automatically checks for updates. To check for updates manually, choose Labels & Addresses > Check for Updates…


The Address Panel Tab

Default address format – Here you should choose the name of the country you mail from. The program automatically formats addresses according to the country specified in each address. If an address doesn't contain a country name, the default one is used.

Set street field in a line – When this check box is selected, multi-line street addresses are automatically formatted in one line.

The Intelligent Mail barcode section displays information used to generate Intelligent Mail barcodes. The sample values can be used only to learn the program functionality.


The Printing Tab

Some of the settings in this tab define defaults for the Print dialog.

Suppress Country Field controls displaying and printing the country name. Select this option if you send mail only within your country. In such a case the country doesn't have to be indicated in the address. The delivery address may contain a country name that is different from the country of your location defined in the Address Panel tab of the Preferences. The Country field of this address will be printed in spite of the Suppress Country Field check box state.

Hide Separating Commas hides commas at the end of data fields inside address panels.

Address AutoResize automatically reduces the size of address panels if the address goes beyond the edges of a label or envelope.

Print document as raster image converts the document to the raster format before sending it to the printer. When this option is disabled, all vector elements of the design (for instance, text) remain in the vector format. Enable this option if you have problems with printing your document.


The Address Importing Tab

These are the default locations of contact data bases. If a data base wasn't found automatically, click Browse to navigate to the application. You have to select a contact data base manually if it is not in the default location or if you have several copies or versions of this program on your computer.

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