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The "Labels & Addresses " Menu

About Labels & Addresses
Display information about the program.
License Open the licensing dialog.
Check for Updates Check for the latest update on the Internet.
Preferences (Cmd-",") Bring up the program's Preferences dialog.
Quit Labels & Addresses (Cmd-Q) Quit the application.

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The "File" Menu

New Label (Cmd-N) Create a new label document.
New Envelope (Cmd-Opt-N) Create a new envelope document.
New Postcard (Cmd-Ctrl-N) Create a new postcard document.
New from Assistant
Create a new document with the help of Assistant.
Open (Cmd-O) Open a document.
Open Recent > Open a recently edited document.
Close (Cmd-W) Close the open document window.
Save (Cmd-S) Save the current document.
Save As (Cmd-Shift-S) Save a copy of the current document.
Save As Template (Cmd-Opt-Shift-S) Save the open document as a template.
Export (Cmd-Opt-E) Export the current document to a graphic file.
Revert to Saved Cancels all the changes in the current document that were made after the last saving.
Change Layout Open a dialog where you can set the label paper layout, envelope or postcard size.
Update Linked Data Update data in all barcodes and File Data fields of the current document.
Calibrate Printer Display the printer calibration dialog where you can calibrate the printer for more precise printing.
Merge Printing Bring up the Print dialog for printing multiple addresses.
Print (Cmd-P) Bring up the standard Print dialog.

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The "Edit" Menu

Undo (Cmd-Z) Reverse the last operation you performed.
Redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) Reverse the last Undo operation.
Cut (Cmd-X) Remove the selected objects or text and place the selection onto the Clipboard.
Copy (Cmd-C) Copy the selected objects or text onto the Clipboard.
Paste (Cmd-V) Paste the content of the Clipboard into the document.
Paste and Match Style (Cmd-Shift-Opt-V) Paste text from the Clipboard into the text box. The inserted text takes the style used for the existing text in the box (or the default style if the box is empty).
Paste as Address (Cmd-Opt-V) Paste text as a postal address (recognizing address elements such as street address, postal code, country, etc.) from the Clipboard into an address panel.
Duplicate (Cmd-D) Duplicate the selected object(s).
Delete (Del or Backspace) Remove the selected object(s).
Edit LinkBack Item Open the selected LinkBack object in the corresponding application for editing.
Find > Find… (Cmd-F) Open the Find dialog.
Find > Next (Cmd-G) Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Find > Previous (Cmd-Shift-G) Find the previous occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Find > Use Selection for Find (Cmd-E) Find the next occurrence of a word or phrase that you have selected in the text box.
Find > Jump to Selection (Cmd-J) Show the selected object(s) in the document view.
Spelling > Spelling… (Cmd-":") Open the Spelling dialog.
Spelling > Check Spelling (Cmd-";") Check spelling.
Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type Check spelling as you type.
Select All (Cmd-A) Select all objects in the active layer of the document.
Find in Google Maps Find the selected address in Google Maps and display it in the Internet browser.
Special Characters
Open the Special Characters palette.

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The "Insert" Menu

Vertical Guide Insert a vertical guide line.
Horizontal Guide Insert a horizontal guide line.
Address Panel > Sender Insert the panel for the return address.
Address Panel > Recipient Insert the panel for the destination address.
Barcode > Insert a barcode from the list.
Personal Data Field > Insert a personal data field from the list.
File Data Insert a File Data field.
Counter Insert an auto-incrementing counter field.
Text Insert a text box.
Image > From File Insert an image from a file into the current document.
Image > Generate Random Insert an image generated at random.
Image > Search on the Internet Search for images on the Internet.
Smart Shape > Open the list of Smart Shapes.
Google Maps… Insert a map.
Art Text Launch the Art Text application.
Date & Time Insert the current date and time.

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The "View" Menu

Zoom In (Cmd-Ctrl-"=") Enlarge the current view.
Zoom Out (Cmd-Ctrl-"-") Zoom out of the current view.
Actual Size Display the document in its actual size (100%).
Fit Width (Cmd-Ctrl-W) Scale the document to the width of the window.
Fit Height (Cmd-Ctrl-H) Scale the document to the height of the window.
Fit Page (Cmd-Ctrl-P) Fill the window with a single document page.
Show/Hide Rulers (Cmd-R) Show or hide the rulers.
Show Back/Front Side Open the back or front side of the card.
Toggle Preview Mode (Cmd-\) Show or hide the guidelines, margins and other auxiliary marking.
Show Background/Show Foreground Open the selected layer (background or foreground) for editing.
Show/Hide Foreground Objects Display or hide foreground objects when the Background layer is active.
Show FIM-A Show or hide the FIM (Facing Identification Mark) on the envelope.
Show/Hide Postal Guidelines Show or hide the lines that mark recommended zones for addresses.
Show/Hide Toolbar (Cmd-Option-T) Display or hide the toolbar.
Customize Toolbar… Open the Customize Toolbar dialog.
Enter/Exit Full Screen (Ctrl-Cmd-F) Enter or exit the full screen view mode.

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The "Format" Menu

Font > Show/Hide Fonts (Cmd-T) Display the Font dialog.
Font > Bold (Cmd-B)
Font > Italic (Cmd-I)
Font > Underline (Cmd-U)
Font > Outline (Cmd-Shift-O)
Modify the properties of the selected text.
Font > Bigger (Cmd-"+")
Font > Smaller (Cmd-"-")
Increase or decrease the size of the selected text.
Font > Kern
Font > Ligature
Font > Baseline
Modify the properties of the selected text.
Text > Align Left
Text > Center
Text > Align Right
Align text to the left, right or center.
Image > Edit Open the Edit Image window.
Image > Tile Create a tiled image.
Image > Original Size Return image to its original size.
Add Shadow Add a shadow to the selected object.
Bring Forward (Cmd-Option-F)
Bring to Front (Cmd-Shift-F)
Send Backward (Cmd-Option-B)
Send to Back (Cmd-Shift-B)
Move the selected objects above or behind all other objects.
Move to Background/Foreground Move an object to the Background (Foreground) layer.
Align > Left Edges Align the left edges of the selected objects.
Align > Right Edges Align the right edges of the selected objects.
Align > Top Edges Align the top edges of the selected objects.
Align > Bottom Edges Align the bottom edges of the selected objects.
Align > Centers Horizontally Align the centers of the selected objects horizontally.
Align > Centers Vertically Align the centers of the selected objects vertically.
Distribute > Spacing Vertically Create equal vertical spacing between selected objects.
Distribute > Spacing Horizontally Create equal horizontal spacing between selected objects.
Distribute > Centers Vertically Create equal vertical spacing between the centers of selected objects.
Distribute > Centers Horizontally Create equal horizontal spacing between the centers of selected objects.
Center Horizontally Move selected objects to the center horizontally.
Center Vertically Move selected objects to the center vertically.
Address Template > Choose an address template from the list.
Country > Choose a country-specific address format for the selected address panel or field.
Preferred Address > Choose which of the person's addresses to use (for instance, "home" or "work").

Refers To > Sender
Refers To > Recipient

Specify whether the selected address panel/field refers to the sender or recipient address.
Customize Address Panel Open a dialog where you can customize the formatting for the address panel.
Combine Address Panel Create a Custom Template Address panel from selected individual address fields.
Split Address Panel Break the selected Address panel down into individual address fields.
Group (Opt-Cmd-G) Group the selected objects.
Ungroup (Opt-Shift-Cmd-G) Ungroup the selected objects.

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The "Window" Menu

Close Window (Cmd-W) Close the currently active window.
Minimize (Cmd-M) Minimize the currently active window.
Bring All to Front Move all application windows in front of the windows of other active applications.
Contacts > Senders
Contacts > Recipients
Contacts > Print Lists
Display the Senders, My Recipients or Print Lists built-in database in the Source panel.
Import > iPhoto
Import > Photos
Import > Aperture
Import > Custom Folder
Show and import images from iPhoto, Photos, Aperture, or a custom folder in the Source panel.

Clipart > Clipart Collection
Clipart > Smart Shapes
Clipart > Handling Labels

Open the built-in image library.
Show/Hide Inspector (Cmd-Shift-I) Show or hide Inspector.
Inspector > Document (Cmd-1)
Inspector > Geometry (Cmd-2)
Inspector > Fill & Shadow (Cmd-3)
Inspector > Image (Cmd-4)
Inspector > Text (Cmd-5)
Inspector > Alignment (Cmd-6)
Open the specified tab of Inspector window.
Colors (Cmd-Shift-C) Display or hide the system Colors window.
Fonts (Cmd-T) Display or hide the system Font window.

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The "Help" Menu

Labels & Addresses Help Open Help documentation delivered with the application.
BeLight Software Web Site The web site of the Labels & Addresses developer.
Useful Online Resources Useful resources on the BeLight Software web site related to Labels & Addresses.
About Postal Guidelines Display information about the correct mailpiece addressing and design requirements.
Art Text… Open the web page of the Art Text program.
Image Tricks… Open the web page of the Image Tricks program.
Send Feedback Send feedback to the developers by e-mail.
Online Registration… Send your registration information to the developer.
Video Tutorials Lets you choose and view online video tutorials from inside the program.


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