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Creating a Postcard from Scratch

Postcards usually have a two-sided design. The front side has a short phrase (congratulation, invitation, etc.) and related graphics. The back side can be used for a short message, addresses and other information.

To create two sides of the same postcard, you should create two documents and print them on opposite sides of postcard paper.

The steps below describe how to create a new postcard document and add addresses. To create the front side, follow steps 1 and 2, then add text and graphics to your design.

  1. Choose File > New Postcard (Cmd-Ctrl-N) in the menu bar.

  2. Choose postcard paper.
    Select File > Change Layout in the menu. In the dialog that comes up, choose the postcard paper by clicking on its name. Use the search box to find a postcard by its manufacturer part number.


The procedure of adding addresses is described in Creating an Envelope from Scratch, follow it beginning with the step 3.


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