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Printing Labels

  1. Click the Print button in the toolbar (Cmd-P) to open the Print dialog.

  2. Select a printer from the Printer drop-down menu (1).

  3. Set up the number of labels to print (2). To print one full page of the current label, click the button (3).
    To start printing from a certain position on the page (to make use of a partially used sheet) but not from the first, set the position number in Start from label (4). For example, to skip the first 3 labels, set "4" here.

  4. If you are going to print on plain paper, activate the Cut lines or Dotted marks options (5).

  5. (Optional) Select Suppress Country Field (6) to hide the country name for domestic mailing.

  6. (Optional) Select Address Autoresize (7) to decrease the font size automatically when the address doesn't fit the label. Note that this feature can modify only text in address panels.

  7. (Optional) Select Hide Separating Commas (8) to remove automatically added commas that separate address fields.

  8. Click Next to proceed to the standard print dialog. Here you can set up the print quality, color settings, etc. The settings may vary depending on the printer driver.

  9. Click Print to send your labels to the printer. Or, click the PDF button to save the page(s) to a PDF file.


To print onto label paper accurately, you should set up the correct paper layout and calibrate your printer before opening the Print dialog. It is not necessary for printing on plain paper.

To set up the default state of Suppress Country Field (6), Address Autoresize (7), Hide Separating Commas (8), use the Printing tab of the program preferences.

If the document is displayed in the preview correctly but doesn't print, try to inverse the state of the Print document as raster image check box in the Printing tab of the program preferences.

To activate the automatic insertion of different delivery addresses, you should activate the merge printing mode (controls 9 in the picture). It requires creation of a print list.

Controls (3), (4) and (5) aren't available for roll labels.


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