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Postal Guidelines

The location and formatting of addresses and barcodes should meet the postal service standards to be processed automatically. The information below covers mostly the envelope documents. It can also be useful for users who attach address labels to envelopes.


Postal service in the USA and some other countries uses special equipment that sorts mail automatically and helps to deliver mail faster and more accurately (and sometimes at less cost). To qualify for automated processing, your pieces of mail must be prepared properly.

The Postal Guidelines mark the recommended zones for the return and delivery addresses. Select Show / Hide Postal Guidelines from the View menu to toggle the guidelines on and off. Placing your addresses within these zones, as well as meeting other requirements provided below, helps to make your pieces of mail automation compatible. Automated equipment can process mail more efficiently, allowing the Postal Service to maintain lower rates for those pieces.

To be automation compatible, your piece of mail should meet the following requirements:

Labels & Addresses lets you prepare your labels and envelopes in accordance with USPS postal guidelines (which may work for some other countries, too).

For detailed information about designing automation compatible mail and the benefits it gives you, use this link (refers to United States Postal Service):


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