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Adding a Map

Labels & Addresses is integrated with the Google Maps online service (


To add a map in your document:

  1. Select Insert > Google Maps… in the menu.

  2. Enter the address into the text field (1) and press the Return button to renew the map. The address displayed on the canvas is used by default.

  3. Select the map type by clicking on buttons (2): Map (street map), Satellite, Hybrid (satellite with street names), or Terrain (terrain with street names).

  4. Adjust the area displayed in the preview using the zoom tool (4) and scroll buttons (3). You can also pan the map with the mouse.

  5. Add a marker and path onto the map if necessary.

    To add a marker, click the Place Marker button (5). You can move the marker to adjust its location.

    How to add and edit a path is described in Adding and Editing a Path section.

    To delete all markers and paths, click the Clear button (6).

  6. To add the map into the document, click the OK button (8).


If the address has not been changed, the dialog displays a cached map when you open it again. To reload the map, press the Return button.


Adding and Editing a Path


  1. Click on the map to indicate the beginning of the path (1).

  2. Click on the map again to add intermediate points (3) where the path changes its direction.

  3. Double-click on the map, to place the end point (4).

You can move the points after they have been added to adjust any inaccuracies.

To add more intermediate points, place the cursor over the path and drag aside the semitransparent point (2) in the middle of the path segment.


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