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If you have already purchased Labels & Addresses from BeLight Software or its retailers, you'll find the license code in the purchase confirmation e-mail.

To input the license code:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Bring up the License dialog by choosing Labels & Addresses > License… in the menu. The dialog opens automatically when you start unlicensed program.
  3. Enter your name and license code.

It's recommended that you keep the e-mail containing your license code in a safe place in case you need to register the application after re-installation or after update.

The unlicensed version of Labels & Addresses is fully operational. The only limitation is that it adds the "Labels & Addresses Trial Version" text at the bottom of each printed label, envelope or postcard. To eliminate this text, you need to license your copy of the software.

To convert the trial version into the licensed one, you need to purchase a license. See details on BeLight’s web site:


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