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General Information

Labels & Addresses can import data from Apple Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers (version 2.0 or higher), Now Contact, Eudora and FileMaker. This software should be installed on your computer in order to import from the corresponding database. Besides that, Labels & Addresses can take addresses from tab-delimited text files and vCard files.

Imported contacts (5 in the picture) can be accessed through the Contacts tab of the Source panel. To open it, use the Window > Contacts menu, or click the button (1). In the pop-up menu (2) you can find three groups of contacts: Senders, Recipients and Print Lists.


Senders is a built-in database that contains only return addresses. If you want an address to appear in a "Sender" address panel, you have to add it into the Senders database.

Items in the Recipients section are external data sources and the built-in database My Recipients. Contacts from this section can be used only for the "Recipient" address panels.

The Print Lists section contains print lists created by the user (also a built-in database). Contacts from this section can be used only for the "Recipient" address panels.

To choose a contact, select a database in the pop-up menu (2) and then click on the name in the list (5).

When you select an external database in the Source panel for the first time, no contacts are displayed. You should import information by clicking the Update button (3). The imported information is copied to the cache. Every time you select a contact, the corresponding information is taken from the cache. To update cached information, re-import contacts using the Update button.

Contacts stored in Address Book are imported and updated instantly. You don't have to import from Address Book.

Imported contacts can be copied into the built-in databases: My Recipient, Senders or Print Lists. These databases allow you to combine contacts from different sources.


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