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Importing from a FileMaker Database

  1. Open the Contacts tab (1 in the picture) of the Source panel.

  2. Choose FileMaker Pro from the pop-up menu (2).
    If you have ever imported contacts from FileMaker, they show up in the panel. To re-import them, click the Update button (3).

  3. In the standard Open File dialog box, choose the file you are going to import from.

  4. Labels & Addresses opens a grid where you should link the external data with the internal data fields.
    The Contact Data column displays imported information. For each line in the Contact Data column, you should choose the description in the Map To column. Click on a cell under Map To and select one of internal data fields. For example, "First Name" should be selected next to "Peter".
    Normally, the program links the internal data fields with input data correctly and the user only checks this. Click the Next button to see that other contacts are in order.
    The Linking Input Data with Internal Data Fields section has detailed description of this dialog.

  5. Click Import.


The FileMaker Pro software has to be installed on your computer to import information from its databases. The correct path to the application should be set in the Preferences dialog, the Address Importing section.

Labels & Addresses launches the database and uses AppleScript to import information. For data security purposes, the database may stop the import process and ask the user to allow sending information to Labels & Addresses.

The next time you select FileMaker Pro from the Source pop-up menu, the Contacts tab will display the list of previously imported contacts saved to the cache. To update the cache, click the Update button (3).


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