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Setting up the Program after Installation

The information below covers the most important settings for beginning to work with Labels & Addresses.

Registering Labels & Addresses

Register the program if you have purchased a license code. Otherwise, the program will work in demo mode.
To do this, choose Labels & Addresses > License... in the menu bar to open the registration dialog. Input your name and your license code.

After successful registration, the program will offer you on-line registration. You can either register or skip this registration.
By registering online you send your data to the developer's data base. This makes it possible to get your license code back should you lose it.
The on-line registration does not affect whether the program runs in the demo or registered mode.

Setting up the Program Preferences

The Preferences dialog contains application settings. To open them, choose Labels & Addresses > Preferences… (Cmd-,) in the menu bar.

Here we will review only the general settings. For a more detailed description of the Preferences dialog, see Program Settings.


The General Tab

It's recommended that you keep Assistant selected in the Open on Start-up section in order to choose your paper size and document type at start-up. Choose any other option to automatically open a blank document of a certain type upon launching the program.

Set up Measurement Units to best fit your needs.


The Address Panel Tab

Choose your country in the Default address format drop down menu. This information is used to format addresses when the country is not specified in the selected contact.

It's recommended that you keep Make address format country-sensitive selected.

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