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The Assistant

The Assistant offers you two ways to create a new document. You can either choose a design template (tab 2 in the picture) or a paper template (tabs 3, 4 and 5 in the picture). Choosing a paper template allows you to create a document from scratch.

When you launch the program, the Assistant comes up by default. In the program Preferences dialog you can choose from a variety of start-up options.
To open the Assistant manually once inside the program, choose File > New from Assistant (Shift-Cmd-N) in the menu bar.

You can also open an existing document from the Assistant. Click the Open drop-down list and either choose the name of a recent document, or click File... to browse your computer for a document.


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Choosing a Template from the Assistant

  1. Open the Designs tab (2 in the picture above).
  2. Select a template category from the list (1).
  3. Select a thumbnail in the preview area (6).
  4. Click Choose.

The document window will then open and you will be able to modify the contact details and design. You can also change the paper layout. To do this, choose File > Change Layout.

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Using the Assistant to Create a Blank Document


  1. Open the Labels, Envelopes or Postcards tab depending on your project.
  2. Choose the Predefined section, which contains standard paper layouts. It is selected by default. Other options include custom and previously used templates (1).
  3. Click on a paper layout in the list (4) to select it. The manufacturer part numbers of compatible papers are displayed in the box (5).
    To find a paper by its part number use the search box (6).
    To limit the displayed list by a specific manufacturer or paper size, choose it in the corresponding drop-down menu (2 or 3).
  4. Click Choose when you have selected the necessary paper layout.

If necessary, you will be able to change paper layout later by selecting File > Change Layout in the menu bar.

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