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Using Templates

Templates are pre-designed documents that can be used for creating new documents or for learning the program.

Labels & Addresses comes with a number of pre-designed templates. To open a template, choose File > New from Assistant (Cmd-Shift-N) in the menu bar. The Assistant will come up. Templates are grouped by categories listed in the left part of the Assistant window. Click on a category to preview the included templates. Then select a template and click the Choose button.

Every time you choose a template, the program opens its copy. When you modify it and save it, the original template stays unchanged.

You can also create custom templates. To do this, save a document using the File > Save as Template menu command. Saved templates can be found in the Assistant (File > New from Assistant). They are located in the My Templates category at the bottom of the category list.

To delete a custom template or change the file name, select the My Templates category and click on the arrow icon in the selection bar.

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