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Barcode Definitions

The table below contains a list of supported barcodes (non-postal), allowed characters, and the number of characters supported.

Barcode Name Definition Supported Characters Length
Code 128 Used worldwide in shipping and packaging industries. Nearly all ASCII symbols, including control characters Not fixed
Code 39 Primarily used in the non-retail environment. 0123456789[Space]ABCDEFGHIJKL
Not fixed
Code 39 Extended Code 39 with an extended range of characters. 0123456789[Space]ABCDEFGHIJKL
Not fixed
Interleaved 2 of 5 Used commercially on 135 film and on cartons of products in the warehouse industry. 0123456789 Not fixed
ISBN 13 International Standard Book Number. Used by booksellers and stationers. 0123456789 13
EAN 13 Used worldwide for marking retail goods. 0123456789 13 characters
EAN 8 Used worldwide for marking retail goods, mostly small items. 0123456789 8 characters
UPC-A Used in the USA for marking retail goods. 0123456789 12 characters
UPC-E Used in the USA for marking retail goods, mostly small items. 0123456789 8 characters
Data Matrix ASCII Item marking and other purposes. ASCII symbols. Up to 2,335
QR Code Item marking, logistics and other purposes. Alphanumeric or numeric. Up to 7,089 characters

Code 128 Control Characters

Code 128 may include some special ASCII characters which are not visible. The following table is for special character entry.

ASCII Value Keyboard Shortcut Code Value
00 Opt-0 NUL
01 Opt-a SOH
02 Opt-b STX
03 Opt-c ETX
04 Opt-d EOT
05 Opt-e ENQ
06 Opt-f ACK
07 Opt-g BEL
08 Opt-h BS
09 Opt-i HT
10 Opt-j LF
11 Opt-k VT
12 Opt-l FF
13 Opt-m CR
14 Opt-n SO
15 Opt-o SI
16 Opt-p DLE
17 Opt-q DC1
18 Opt-r DC2
19 Opt-s DC3
20 Opt-t DC4
21 Opt-u NAK
22 Opt-v SYN
23 Opt-w ETB
24 Opt-x CAN
25 Opt-y EM
26 Opt-z SUB
27 Opt-[ ESC
28 Opt-/ FS
29 Opt-] GS
30 Opt-6 RS
31 Opt-7 US
  Opt-8 DEL
  Opt-3 FNC3
  Opt-2 FNC2
  Opt-4 FNC4 (Code A)
  Opt-5 FNC4 (Code B)
  Opt-1 FNC1

This means that to enter the NUL special symbol you need to type Opt-0, etc.

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