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Adding Barcodes

To add a barcode to your document, use the Insert > Barcode menu, or click the Insert Barcode tool bar button and choose the desired barcode from the pull-down menu. The barcode will be inserted in the center of the document view, with default data.

Barcode properties are located in the Text tab of the Inspector.

Input data for barcodes can be typed manually into a text box in the Inspector, generated by the auto-incrementing counter or imported from a text file. See the Data Source Option section for details. Note, that barcodes have limitations on input characters that depend on the barcode type. Some barcodes support only numbers, others support letters as well. If the input data contains unsupported characters or is incomplete, the program displays a crossed red square.

You can move and resize barcodes similarly to other objects, using the corner and size handles.

The 100% value in the Scale field is the recommended standard size. If it is important to you that the barcode size comply with standard guidelines, enable the Constrain to standard size option. Then you will only be able to resize the barcode within safe limits.

The Include checksum option lets you add the checksum to some barcodes.

The Show bearer bar option is only applicable to the Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode. It displays a black frame around the barcode which helps to prevent partial scans.

The Show human-readable text option shows the encoded text or number along with the barcode.

Information about postal barcodes can be found in the Postal Barcodes section.


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