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Creating and Managing Print Lists

The print list database stores recipient addresses. Its main purpose is printing a series of envelopes or labels with different delivery addresses. The program can automatically take addresses from a print list and place them onto a label or envelope.

During merge printing, the information in the address panel is substituted with addresses from a print list. You have to design only one label or envelope as a template.

To access the print lists, do one of the following:

Contact data from the Print List database is associated with Recipient address panel.

If you regularly send out invitations, you deal with more or less constant groups of people. Labels & Addresses lets you create and save a separate print list for each group.

Working with Print List Database

To open the Print List database, select Print Lists in the drop-down list in the Contacts tab of the Source window, and click the Edit button nearby.

Print List Database

Address Source Panel

The Address Source panel represents external sources of contact data and My Recipients (built-in database).
Below the Source pop-up menu you can see the Contacts list representing names from the selected address source. These names can be added to a print list.

To navigate within the list and find persons quickly, the sender panel has Search and Sort tools.
To find a name, type it into the Search field.
You can sort names by one of supported data fields. For this, select it in the Sort pop-up menu. The From Source option leaves the original order of persons unchangeable.

Print List Panel

The middle part of the database window contains a list of print lists (at the top) and list of persons from the selected Print List (in the center).

Creating a new print list via import

  1. Click on the "Plus" button to add an empty print list. You can change its name. To do this, click on the name and type in a new one.
  2. Choose a source address database. If its data is divided into groups, select a group. To get the latest data from an external database, click the Update button.
    The Contacts list will show the persons list of the selected source.
  3. Fill your print list with persons from a source database. To do this, drag a person into the print list or double click on it. To add several persons, highlight them and drag them into the print list (or click the arrow button).
    To highlight several persons using the mouse, keep the Cmd key pressed.
    To highlight a range, highlight the first person, press Shift and highlight the last one.
    To highlight all, press Cmd-A.
  4. If you need to add or modify personal data, select a person in a print list and click on a data field of the Personal Info panel.

Creating a new print list manually

  1. Click on the upper "Plus" button to add an empty print list. You can change its name. To do this, click on the name and type in a new one.
  2. Click on the "Plus" button below the Persons list to add a void personal record.
    Name "No Name" will be added to the list. It will change when you enter your first and/or last name.
    Until you fill fields in the Personal Info panel, data fields will show their names in gray.
  3. Enter the required information into the data fields of the Personal Info panel.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add as many persons as you need.

To remove a selected person from a print list, click the "Minus" button.

You can sort names in the print list by one of supported data fields. For this, select it in the Sort pop-up menu. When you add a new person into the print list it is placed according to the sort order. To leave persons in the order you added them to the list, select the "None" sort option.

Personal Info Panel

The Personal Info panel contains personal data such as name, address, company name, telephone and other. Personal data fields in the Personal Info panel can be edited. To select a field, click on it. To switch between fields use the Tab and Shift-Tab keys. Some fields, such as address, phone, fax can be set for different locations. This is useful when you have a person's work and home addresses. To switch between addresses select Home, Work or Other tab.
Empty data fields keep their names in gray.
At the bottom of the Personal Info panel there are custom fields - use them for any additional textual or numeric information.


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