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Custom Addresses Templates

The address template determines what kind of information is included in the address panel and the order of its appearance. Labels & Addresses provides a number of standard address templates. To change the template, choose Format > Address Template in the menu bar.

You can also create custom address templates. To create and edit custom address templates, choose Format > Customize Address Panel in the menu bar.
To choose a custom template, open the Format > Address Template menu. Your templates are at the bottom of the list.


1 – List of custom address templates.

2 – Add a new template.

3 – Delete the selected template.

4 – Close the dialog without applying the selected template to the address panel on the canvas.

5 – Close and apply the selected template to the address panel selected on the canvas.

6 – Modify the template selected in the list.

Click the Add or Edit button to open the template editor.


Creating a New Template Using the Template Editor

To add a data field to the template, drag it from the left box onto the grid.

To change the position of a data field, drag it into a blank grid cell.

To delete a field, drag it to the Trash. To delete all data fields, click the Clear button.

Preferences Dialog

The order of data fields in the address panel will be same as displayed in the template editor.

Note that the program doesn't add commas automatically into custom address panels.

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