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Data Fields

A data field is a text box that is used for a particular type of information related to an address (name, ZIP code, etc.). Once added, a data field is linked to the contact selected in the Source panel and displays the corresponding data. When you select another contact, the information in the data fields changes automatically.

There are two contacts that can be selected in the program at the same time. One for the return address (Sender) and one for the delivery address (Recipient). Each data field is linked to one of these addresses.

For the complete address you need to add many data fields of different types. Data fields can be combined into an address panel.


Adding and Deleting Data Fields

To insert a personal data field, use the Insert > Personal Data Field menu, or click the Insert Data Field toolbar button and choose the needed field from the pull-down menu.

To delete a data field, select it and press the Delete button.

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Choosing the Sender or Recipient Address

To link the selected data field to the delivery or return address, use the Format > Refers To menu. This option can be found in the Text tab of the Inspector.

Selecting Sender, you choose the Senders database as the source of information. In case of the Recipient data field, you should select an external database (Address Book or other), or the built-in database (My Recipients or a Print List).

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Pasting Data from Another Program

  1. Copy one piece of information such as first name, last name, etc. into the clipboard.
  2. Paste the clipboard content into the Labels & Addresses document (Edit > Paste).
  3. Open the Text tab of the Inspector and in the uppermost pop-up menu choose Personal Data.
  4. In the Type pop-up menu in the Inspector, choose the data field type that corresponds the inserted information.

To edit pasted text, double-click on it.

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Populating a Data Field with Imported Information

Before following the steps below, you should import the contact information.
Contacts stored in your Address Book are imported automatically.

  1. Select a data field.
  2. Open the Source panel and choose Senders or Recipients section (Window > Contacts).
  3. Choose a contact in the Source panel.


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Preferred Address

Contact databases can keep more than one address per person (for instance, work and home addresses). Since the program can insert addresses automatically, you can set up beforehand which address should be used. Choose the preferred address in the Text tab in the Inspector. If only one address is available in the database (not preferred one), it will be used instead.

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Formatting Text in Data Fields

To change text formatting, use the Text tab of the Inspector (Window > Inspector > Text).

Text formatting tools are described in the Working with Text section.


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