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Built-In Address Databases

Labels & Addresses has built-in databases for storing imported and manually added addresses. This feature lets you avoid importing contacts every time you start the program and lets you group contacts in so called print lists depending on your mailing purposes.

Personal records can be imported from external data sources like Address Book, vCards, Entourage and other. In a built-in database, you can combine contacts imported from different data sources. Alternatively, you can add a blank personal record and type contact data into corresponding fields. Imported data also can be modified.

There is a database for sender addresses named Senders, and database for recipient addresses named My Recipients.
Data from the Senders database is used to fill corresponding fields of the Sender address panel (return address), while data from the My Recipients database can be used to populate the Recipient address panels (delivery address).

To open the Senders built-in database, choose Senders from the pop-up list in the Contacts tab of the Source panel, or choose Window > Contacts > Senders from the menu.

To open the My Recipients built-in database, choose My Recipients from the pop-up list in the Contacts tab of the Source panel, or choose Window > Contacts > Recipients from the menu.

To edit the database, click the Edit button next to the drop-down menu. The following dialog will open (the picture below is for the Senders database, the dialog for My Recipients is almost identical)

Sender Database

There are three panels in the database window: Address Source, Sender (or My Recipients) and Personal Info.

Address Source Panel

Address Source is a list of persons from the selected address source. Data from some address sources (like Address Book) is divided into several groups. You can select such a group in the Group pop-up menu.
If your external database has been modified, you can force the program to reload data from it using the Update button.

To navigate within the list and find persons quickly, the panel has Search and Sort tools.
To find a name, type it into the Search field.
You can sort names by one of supported data fields. For this, select it in the Sort pop-up menu. The From Source option leaves the original persons order unchangeable.

Sender (My Recipients) Panel

Its is a list of persons whose data can be used to populate the address panels. The Senders database is displayed when you choose Senders from the drop-down list in the Contacts tab of the Source panel, the My Recipients database is shown when you select My Recipients from the same list. You can add, delete, and sort names in this list. Names in this list can be edited via the Personal Info panel.
The names in the Sender (My Recipients) list are sorted according a sort rule selected below.
The "Plus" button adds a new blank personal record and "Minus" button removes a selected record.

Adding a person from Contacts list of Address Source: drag and drop a name to the Sender (My Recipients) list or select a name in the Contacts list, double-click its name or click the arrow button.

Adding a new person: click the "Plus" button to add a blank personal record. "No Name" will be added to the list. All fields in the Personal Info panel will be blank (you will see names of these fields in gray). Enter the required information there.

Deleting a person: to delete a name from a list, select it and click "Minus" button.

Sorting persons: You can sort names by one of supported data fields. For this, select it in the Sort pop-up menu. When you add a new person into the Sender (My Recipients) list it is placed according to the sort order. To leave persons in the order you added them to the list, select "None" in Sort.

Personal Info Panel

Personal Info panel shows information of a person selected in the Sender (My Recipients) list. All fields are available for modifying.

The panel allows preview and modify personal data such as name, address, company name, telephone number and other. To select a field, click on it. To switch between fields use Tab and Shift-Tab keys. Some fields, such as address, phone and fax can be set for different locations. This is useful when you have person's work and home addresses. Or when some company has a headquarter and branches in different locations and you need to keep all their addresses. To switch between addresses select Home, Work or Other tab. Empty fields keep their names in gray.

At the bottom of Personal Info panel are custom fields. Use them for any additional textual or numeric information.


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